Monday, 27 February 2012

Clarification for NHS Personnel

I am writing to you ( the nurses, Doctors and staff ) of NHS Wales because it is important to clarify that my posts are never critical of you.  The problems of the NHS are certainly not of your making, and I know that you all do your absolute best for us patients, under particularly difficult circumstances e.g. an over-crowded A & E, and lack of beds.

My criticisms are directed at the management of NHS Wales and the management carried out at Health Board level.  I shall continue this campaign of criticism until the management learn how to do their jobs, so that patients may be treated satisfactorily and staff all achieve job satisfaction and appropriate remuneration.

To all staff I have had the pleasure to meet ( and on occasion, to represent, supportively ), I offer a huge 'thank you', as I would not be here without your care.  RW

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