Saturday, 18 February 2012

Drawing the Short Straw

Today, the South Wales Echo publishes an article announcing 'Health Bodies Under Microscope'.  Professor Marcus Longley has been given the unenviable job of reviewing the eight Community Health Councils. What a lousy job for a health economist.  Firstly, the CHSs are not 'health bodies', they are groups of retired and redundant, mindless individuals whose knowledge of health matters is limited to sneezing.  Anyone who has suffered the biased, unfair, downright crooked way of handling Public Consultations, will know that the CHCs exist only to serve their paymasters, the Health Boards and the Welsh Government.  To quote the Health Minister, Leslie Griffiths, "We don't need any Public Forum, the Community Health Councils are the voice of the public"  In other words, whatever the public and patients say about and proposed changes will be completely ignored, in favour of the NHS's paid lapdogs the Community Health Council.

This historic fact, makes a nonsense of any credibility our government ever had as, even the Health Minister is incapable of original thought. Also. this indisputable fact shows the total lack of sincerity of  the remaining Health Boards. So,  the learned Professor has his work cut for him.  However, he will ruthlessly expose the illegal failure to obey any of the guidelines set by our government or the existing ruling legislation, Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act. Ha! - Who am I kidding ???  Dear Marcus is a government employee who is highly unlikely to criticise any other paid lacky of our leaders, so his 'review' will be more of a Farcical production, rivalling anything produced by Ben Travers or Brian Rix. Let's face it - whose going to risk losing their highly paid job by going against the government ?  Consequently, his report will be more of a stage-managed Revue rather than a genuine review of the criminal failings of the CHCs.   As predictable as his report may prove to be, there is no,doubt that the CHCs will continue wasting millions of pounds of public money by continuing to igore the views of the public and patients, just like they have always ignored my qualified opinion and those of my peers. 

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