Friday, 17 February 2012

"Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, when First We Practice to Deceive" (Omar Kyam)

Anyone attempting to follow the contradictory statements about NHS Wales and our Government, could be forgiven for feeling that 'They don't even care if the sums don't add up about so-called 'Sustainable investment in Health' - yet another pharase that heas no real meaning.  Today I heard that "The NHS Wales must save £1m per day' ( ! ? )' and also an announcement from the 'Spell-weaver' that £80+ millions is to be spent on anther ( unpronounceable ) hospital in the outreaches of the Principality" in order to achieve this undefined 'Sustainable Investment in Health'.

Unfortunately having become overburdened with meaningless jargon, the Mandarins of the NHS Wales are now producing an entirely new language that no mere mortal being patient or member of the public could possibly understand.  We still haven't had time to undersatnd the volumes of meaningless rhetoric pouring out of NHS Wales and its' incompetent Health Boards ( who also don't understand any of the crap they are writing ), yet here we are, once again, being treated like morons who don't understand 'simple' language - as far as they are concerned at least.  Personally speaking, I don't like having my intelligence insulted, or being lied to by overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats who persist in talking this 'Bureaucrap'.  The so-called authorities ( cretins all ) continue to treat us with contempt by refusing to answer the simplest of questions, or refusing any explanation for their continued acts f pre-meditated deception.

One thing is perfectly clear - we are being deceived by NHS clones that are incapable of diverting from their clumsily constructed scripts.  Thus, the gap between the patients and public grows wider, and all we can do is watch the waste of millions by these incompetent deceivers.  Is this our fate ? - Never to be consulted in a meaningful way, and forever having to accept the inexplicable 'plans' to reduce our health services and access to those services - particlualry in non urban areas ( God help us ! ).  People like me, who have attempted to cut through these lies are effectively black-balled by being taken off all mailing lists, and covertly circulating that I am merely a 'persistent complainer' or simply, a ruddy nuisance who sees through their lies, whilst attempting to get answeres to simple, obvious questions ( on behalf of patients and the public ).  Like my friend friend says,  'I'd find it easier to nail jelly to a wall'.  Be in no doubt, that these are the actions of our undemocratic rulers who are supposed to be answerable to you and me. Dare to question this tsunami of deceipt, and you will be added to the 'blacklist' of marginalised patients who merely want to understand what the hell NHS Wales is doing to our health services. We have become the new proletareate, doomed to be controlled by the state, with no apparent care for our collective wellbeing.  More later as ( If ) further 'explanations' are forthcoming !

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