Monday, 27 February 2012

Clarification for NHS Personnel

I am writing to you ( the nurses, Doctors and staff ) of NHS Wales because it is important to clarify that my posts are never critical of you.  The problems of the NHS are certainly not of your making, and I know that you all do your absolute best for us patients, under particularly difficult circumstances e.g. an over-crowded A & E, and lack of beds.

My criticisms are directed at the management of NHS Wales and the management carried out at Health Board level.  I shall continue this campaign of criticism until the management learn how to do their jobs, so that patients may be treated satisfactorily and staff all achieve job satisfaction and appropriate remuneration.

To all staff I have had the pleasure to meet ( and on occasion, to represent, supportively ), I offer a huge 'thank you', as I would not be here without your care.  RW

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dumber and Dumber, by the day !

'The Letter that Shames our NHS'

Well,who would have thought that another disaster story about the NHS would be revealed in today's Echo.
The letter by Kieron Jones, on behalf of his wife, could not be more damning of the incompetence of the Universally Inept Health Board. 'Couldn't organise a p.... up in a brewery' springs to mind, and why not ? Ever since the Queen of Hearts, Edwina, revealed her ultimate plan for the future success of the ' fit for purpose' NHS in Wales, I have been banging on about the glaring incompetence of the Directors and Managers of the National Health-Prevention Service ( NHPS - formerly the NHS ). It would be politically incorrect of me to point out that most of these dumb-dumbs are women, and that not a single one of them has any proven managerial experience.  Anyway, whatever gender, they are a collective of stumbling, fumbling disfunctionaries who I wouldn't put in charge of the child's toy, 'Fit the square peg into the correct etc'.  With such high uneployment currently, I can't imagine that a reasonably intelligent group of 15 year olds couldn't make a better job of managing the NHS than these idiots, who clearly have spent over ten years of time and money, wasting millions of our pounds with the apparent approval of the equally inept government ( recent reports on our failing schools, and their catastrophic failure to attract so much as sweet shop to Wales ).  I am constantly being accused of 'running down the excellent work put in by the employees of the NHS', yet the failures such as that experienced by Kieron Jones and his poor wife, are impossible to put in a constructive light.  I could never criticise these loyal, hardworking souls, as they put more man-hours in a week than the entire disfunctional Health Board.

The understaffed A & E unit at UHW is a permanent scar on our communal consciousnce, that we allow so few nurses and doctors to deal with their massive task of  healing seriously ill patients.  I cannot praise these 'Heroes' highly enough yet, like the willing horse, they are always flogged to do more.  Llandough emergency unit and assessment wards show the constant pressure on fewer staff to do more work, and who can blame the occasional expression of utter helplessness and frustration ?

The NHS Wales is the most badly managed organisation in Great Britain and, until we get rid of these Mandarins of Disaster, we are the ones who will suffer more and more of this negligent treatment.  R W

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Five Day Health Service

What happens when you’re ill and ask for help – at the weekend, of course ?
For over a month I’ve suffered from a chest infection.  When I say ‘suffer’ I mean being glued to the bed with a tight chest, coughing up green sputum, with no idea when to ask for help or who to ask.  The first antibiotic course seemed to help then, the catarrh and the coughing increased again. So, when do you call the doctor ? The first time it was done for me and the second I did it myself.  This locum GP prescribed another course of antibiotics, and in a mere three days I began to feel so ill I thought I’d die. Of course, this was on a Saturday and I really didn’t know what to do.  Eventually, after a bad reflux, I called NHS Wales Direct (a very efficient, customer friendly organisation that actually works) for some advice.  With no delay, I spoke to an efficient, friendly nurse, who was very sympathetic.  Unfortunately, she said I had to have an ambulance, even though I hate the impersonal minimal attention of ‘the assessment ward’. I began to worry as I didn’t have any angina symptoms to warrant such urgent attention.  Twenty minutes later, an ambulance arrived from Merthyr ( as there was no available unit available in the Cardiff/Penarth area.  After an ECG and the usual lesser tests, we agreed that it wasn’t my heart.  They also pointed out that UHW was overwhelmed and they’d have to try Llandough.  Now, this is where guilt kicked in.  I never see the doctor unless something chronic occurs, because they’re always so busy.  Now, I was told that the hospitals were overcrowded, so I ended up walking back to my flat, feeling like I shouldn’t have asked for help at all.

The next day ( Sunday ) I felt worse than ever, with no one to call except the ‘Out of Hours’ service who could only offer an appointment at their base at Barry Hospital, or a doctor would call ( eventually and send me to hospital ). Great ! – I had not enough energy to leave my flat, let alone drive my car, yet there I was in the midst of the ultimate dilemma – I was really ill, yet made to feel like I was a ruddy nuisance to the health service. Then I began to ask myself – “Does anyone else out there suffer such problems ?”  Well are there ????  Please let me know, in comments or a Word page that I may transfer to my blog. R.W.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Drawing the Short Straw

Today, the South Wales Echo publishes an article announcing 'Health Bodies Under Microscope'.  Professor Marcus Longley has been given the unenviable job of reviewing the eight Community Health Councils. What a lousy job for a health economist.  Firstly, the CHSs are not 'health bodies', they are groups of retired and redundant, mindless individuals whose knowledge of health matters is limited to sneezing.  Anyone who has suffered the biased, unfair, downright crooked way of handling Public Consultations, will know that the CHCs exist only to serve their paymasters, the Health Boards and the Welsh Government.  To quote the Health Minister, Leslie Griffiths, "We don't need any Public Forum, the Community Health Councils are the voice of the public"  In other words, whatever the public and patients say about and proposed changes will be completely ignored, in favour of the NHS's paid lapdogs the Community Health Council.

This historic fact, makes a nonsense of any credibility our government ever had as, even the Health Minister is incapable of original thought. Also. this indisputable fact shows the total lack of sincerity of  the remaining Health Boards. So,  the learned Professor has his work cut for him.  However, he will ruthlessly expose the illegal failure to obey any of the guidelines set by our government or the existing ruling legislation, Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act. Ha! - Who am I kidding ???  Dear Marcus is a government employee who is highly unlikely to criticise any other paid lacky of our leaders, so his 'review' will be more of a Farcical production, rivalling anything produced by Ben Travers or Brian Rix. Let's face it - whose going to risk losing their highly paid job by going against the government ?  Consequently, his report will be more of a stage-managed Revue rather than a genuine review of the criminal failings of the CHCs.   As predictable as his report may prove to be, there is no,doubt that the CHCs will continue wasting millions of pounds of public money by continuing to igore the views of the public and patients, just like they have always ignored my qualified opinion and those of my peers. 

Friday, 17 February 2012

"Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave, when First We Practice to Deceive" (Omar Kyam)

Anyone attempting to follow the contradictory statements about NHS Wales and our Government, could be forgiven for feeling that 'They don't even care if the sums don't add up about so-called 'Sustainable investment in Health' - yet another pharase that heas no real meaning.  Today I heard that "The NHS Wales must save £1m per day' ( ! ? )' and also an announcement from the 'Spell-weaver' that £80+ millions is to be spent on anther ( unpronounceable ) hospital in the outreaches of the Principality" in order to achieve this undefined 'Sustainable Investment in Health'.

Unfortunately having become overburdened with meaningless jargon, the Mandarins of the NHS Wales are now producing an entirely new language that no mere mortal being patient or member of the public could possibly understand.  We still haven't had time to undersatnd the volumes of meaningless rhetoric pouring out of NHS Wales and its' incompetent Health Boards ( who also don't understand any of the crap they are writing ), yet here we are, once again, being treated like morons who don't understand 'simple' language - as far as they are concerned at least.  Personally speaking, I don't like having my intelligence insulted, or being lied to by overpaid, incompetent bureaucrats who persist in talking this 'Bureaucrap'.  The so-called authorities ( cretins all ) continue to treat us with contempt by refusing to answer the simplest of questions, or refusing any explanation for their continued acts f pre-meditated deception.

One thing is perfectly clear - we are being deceived by NHS clones that are incapable of diverting from their clumsily constructed scripts.  Thus, the gap between the patients and public grows wider, and all we can do is watch the waste of millions by these incompetent deceivers.  Is this our fate ? - Never to be consulted in a meaningful way, and forever having to accept the inexplicable 'plans' to reduce our health services and access to those services - particlualry in non urban areas ( God help us ! ).  People like me, who have attempted to cut through these lies are effectively black-balled by being taken off all mailing lists, and covertly circulating that I am merely a 'persistent complainer' or simply, a ruddy nuisance who sees through their lies, whilst attempting to get answeres to simple, obvious questions ( on behalf of patients and the public ).  Like my friend friend says,  'I'd find it easier to nail jelly to a wall'.  Be in no doubt, that these are the actions of our undemocratic rulers who are supposed to be answerable to you and me. Dare to question this tsunami of deceipt, and you will be added to the 'blacklist' of marginalised patients who merely want to understand what the hell NHS Wales is doing to our health services. We have become the new proletareate, doomed to be controlled by the state, with no apparent care for our collective wellbeing.  More later as ( If ) further 'explanations' are forthcoming !

Sunday, 12 February 2012

How Did We Get to Single Option Consultations ????

“The Status Quo is Not an Option….”

Nope – this isn’t a statement by Aristotle, or a phrase from a Shakespeare play.  Even though I’ve heard it said a dozen times, I haven’t a clue who the author of this phrase is.  This is the summary to every consultation notice, held by Local Health Boards, and approved universally by NHS Wales and our opaque Welsh Government.  The meaning ? – Lord knows, but in the context of proposed changes to our health service, it means,

“We’re proposing the following change to ( the specific health service ) in this consultation with the public and patients.  We’ll hold public meetings and invite your comments or concerns. However, whatever you say about the proposed change, will make no difference to the plans that we intend to put into action, as soon as our government confirms their agreement to back our plans, publicly, as they have already arrangement privately.”  Fatuously they add that “This consultation will be conducted by the nearest Community Health Council - that we pay – in order to ensure that the result of their efforts conforms to whatever change ( to the specific health service ) that we have decided to implement in order to save money.”

This enigma is exemplified by the current proposal to close the A & E department at Brongwynlais hospital in Llanelli, where the term “the Status Quo is not an option” has been applied.  In simple terms – “We are going to close the A&E department at this hospital.” Unfortunately, hundreds of people will protest against this ‘change’ - in writing and by attending meetings - in the futile belief that their opinions will be considered and affect or stop the fait accompli proposal.  Naivety ??? I’ll say it is, especially if you think we live in a democracy, when it comes to anything our NHS/UIHB/Government wish to do, and ‘involving the people in the decision-making process'.

All of the Health Boards are told to ‘sing from the same song sheet and do not  - we said Do Not – in any way deviate from government policy’,  frankly, it is unbelievable that a government can be allowed to act in such an autocratic, ignoring public or patient opinion.  It wouldn’t be so bad if anyone on the health boards had any business experience or any common sense.  It’s ‘Jobs for the Girls’ I’m afraid, with any thought of competence in their ability to handle the job, totally ignored. Even though they waste millions of pounds of public money, through their incompetence, we cover it up and dismiss any challengers with total contempt After all ‘Political Correctness’ is much more important than good planning, good management, or even good communication – isn’t it ? Well.....isn't it ???  RW

Friday, 10 February 2012

Take a letter.....To the Editor !

For the attention of 'You Say' editor, Pat English
Dear Madam
I am more than disappointed that you have avoided publishing my last letter about the threat of Islamic extremists in our midst.  Doubtless, you will treat this letter in the same manner.
As I predicted several months ago, The Universally Inept Health Board have allowed the Islamification of our one Christian Chapel.  Using the pathetic excuse that the muslims need more room, they have cowardly allowed the desecration of our one Christian Chapel in University Hospital of Wales by handing it over to the muslims.  They already had a multi-faith room with yet more unconsecrated rooms available for the muslims and their prayers.  Already, the stained glass window is set to go in the next two weeks, with the muslims demanding that our crucifix be removed too, whilst the rest of the visitors room in the chapel of Jesus Christ has been converted to foot - washing areas, if you please.  The immovable crucifix cannot be removed but must be covered over to meet their demands.
In Australia, the government has told the muslims that if they wish to continue their own practices there, they must choose between returning to their country of origin, or dressing and behaving as Australians do. However, Britain continues to allow them to form exclusively Islamic areas, in the shadows of their unsightly mosques, thus defying any attempt at integration and abandoning the principal of multiculturism.
Our cowardly government must stop this creeping Islamification of our Christian country.  Their despicable affrontery has done more to destroy our heritage than any enemy force..
I speak as a patient who was saved by a muslim surgeon and many muslim junior doctors and nurses. that does not mean that I must stand by and watch them progressively destroy our Christian faith, its' places of worship, and its' symbols. What's next ? - Islamic Hospitals ?

Yours faithfully
Robin Williams

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

You Cannot Make a Silk Purse out of a Sow's Ear

I refer back to the so-called consultation documents, 'Making a Difference 1 & 2 '', which were woefully lacking in any detail whatsoever, in changes being made to OUR Health Service in Wales and, in particular, the area served by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.  As a brief reminder; The Midwife-led unit at Llandough was to be immediately transferred to UHW; Rookwood Hospital was to close and its' services being crammed into the top floor of Llandough Hospital, utilising the areas covered by 'women's services', wards, operating theatre, and the Intensive care Unit  ( a.k.a. 'The Silk Purse' ). This was to be achieved by swapping the land and buildings at Rookwood, for the newly vacated top floor of Llandough.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to 'swap' land in this manner as it would be impossible to establish that both properties were of equal value.  Also the Charity Commission would not permit this, nor would it permit the Universally Inept Health Board from making any profit or 'surplus' from the sale of the Rookwood site ( a.k.a. 'The sow's Ear' ). As a result, the move cannot take place until 2014 ( we are informed today ), to give the UIHB time to fiddle various 'Charitable Trusts' of their own making. to enable the charitable trust at Rookwood to become the Health Board's own Charitable Trust, established by them and still, therefore, wholly owned by them. Having trouble following this ?  Trying to explain this disgraceful chicanery by the Directors of the Universally Inept Health Board, would bring tears to a glass eye.

Thusly, we ( the public and patients ) have not been properly consulted with chapter and verse ( meaningful detail and costs ), and have been lied to by this incompetent planning of the Health Board, with the repeated approval of two Health Ministers and our wonderful Welsh Government who, incidentally refer to this 'dog's breakfast' as 'creating a service fit for purpose' ( whatever the hell that means ).  Anyway, after several attempts by the Minister, Leslie Griffiths, to deny the Senyydd ANY explanation whatsover, the 'Dear Lady' is to hold an impressive bash, somewhere in Cardiff, sometime in June, with the title *'The Future of the Health Service in Wales' ( with trumpet voluntary, of course ).  Meanwhile, we still cannot get any details of the new Mental Hospital to be built at Llandough, or how the patients at Whitchurch are to manage over the next four years during which it will be built. Enquiries by AMs and MPs are brushed aside and the written questions from the public are treated with absolute contempt, or left unanswered. Welcome to Wales - the new Banana Republic - except that we're supposed to be a democracy...............aren't we ??????    R.W

* By the way, don't expect to get in free, as the cheapest ticket will be at around £70.00 to keep the riff-raff out !.