Saturday, 3 March 2012

'Oh What a Week That Was'

After more horrendous stories in the Echo and the Western Mail about the numbers of patients that have been failed by NHS Wales, I was surprised to see the letter from the Chair and Chief Executive of the Cardiff and Vale Universally Inept Health Board, supposedly reassuring us that they really do have our best interests at heart, and that if future compainants would kindly direct their gripes to the 'Concerns Department'  ( ? a new one on me. RW ) they will receive proper attention with a quick and reassuring response.  Needless to say,I find this puzzling; because they cannot possibly be being remotely sincere, as this message has been published by successive incompetent Directors, followed by no discernable actions to
improve the situation, whatsover !  I can only see this bland, insincere joint statement as a Confession of Guilt, that is intended to wipe away the sins of the past, with absolution being granted by a Higher Authority, thus allowing them to continue their sinning until the next confessional. 

Also this week sees the continuation of another consultation on mental health services, in accordance with The Mental Health ( Secondary Health Services ) (Wales) Order 2012. ( No, I wasn't invited to respond either, so replying would be a waste of time as this is yet another decided issue ).  And Lo, there comes to pass another consultation, which purports to be the proper Business and Financial Case on the new Mental Health Hospital at Llandough, that were suspiciously missing from the Outline Business Case that told us nothing, except that there was 'overwhelming approval' for the UHB's plans ( not evident at any consultation meeting, or in written responses from the poor public and patients ).  I expect to have my intelligence insulted still further by 'ball park' financial amounts, and more empty rhetoric on what wonderful plans these are.  Somehow - with astronomical sums of money being bandied about, once again - I expect these 'plans' to produce only a further cancellation of a new-build Mental Health hospital.  Hardly surprising really, after the appalling incompetent 'planning' that we have seen ( or not seen ), depending on your ability to read.  Doubtless the money for the replacement of vanity breast implants will be found, even though all Capital Programmes will be cancelled - 'due to the government's ( whichever you choose ) austerity measures', which will be used as heavy-duty wallpaper to cover up the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board's incompetence at planning anything more complicated than another photo opportunity for their Chief Executive, Jan Williams' before we are finally relieved of her only talent - that of building up huge losses to be passed onto the next poor sod ( to be added to the £46 m she lost at Bro Taf. ). Now, if only we could get rid of the rest of the useless pillocks in NHS Wales at the same time.......mmmh.  R W

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