Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What Bed Sharing ? What Ultimtatum ? The TRUTH is right here !

Breaking News - Your tireless, fearless, intrepid and dedicated reporter, 'Scorpion', can now reveal the truth behind this story that was given to the innocent, unsuspecting, trusting, Health Correspondent, Madeleine Brindley ( sigh ) of the Welsh branch of the Daily Mail, The South Wales Echo.  The story was a clever RUSE aimed at dismissing the fact that the Community Health Council is nothing more than a whimpering lap-dog of the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.
The TRUTH is that this bed-sharing, and moving of patients in the middle of the night to destinations UK-wide, has been going on for YEARS !  And - yes - the 'ultimatum' from the puppy-in-chief of the CHC was as honest as a Mujahadin declaration of peace to the Iraelis, the USA and the UK !
My source ? ( you ask ) -  a highly placed, yet disgruntled whistleblower-to-be from the corridors of doom that connect the many empty wards, within the Victorian, red-brick building known as Whitchurch Hospital.

N.B. Rumours that Media Wales is about to become a part of the Murdoch Hacking and Bribing Empire are, as yet, unfounded.  Watch this Blog !  Scorpion ( The 'tale' has the sting of truth ).

Friday, 22 July 2011

Savaged by a Dead Sheep ( The Community Health Council )

If there is anything more laughable than the reply that our new AM  received from the Community Council, I want to read it....puleeeeesse.  Readers may recall that the toothless wimps at the Community Health Council issued an 'Ultimatum' to our University Health Board about acutely ill patients having to share beds at Whitchurch Hospital and other unamed sites.  This shocking state of affairs was brought to our attention by the South Wales Echo, which devoted several pages to these barbaric ( and totally inexcusable ) practices at Whitchurch, and quoted the CHC's 1 month ultimatum.  More than a month has passed without any follow-up article as to what had been done to rectify this cruel system, so a letter was fired off to Julie Morgan AM, who  (apparently) had a meeting with the CHC, which resulted in a written response, assuring her that they had 'received assurances that the 'problem' had been rectified' ( yeah, right ). Typically and characteristically, these dotty old, uncaring bunch of fuddy-duddies failed to provide one scrap of evidence as to what had actually been done over the missing month by themselves or their professionally incompetent pupeteers.  This fact appears to have escaped the attention of Mrs Morgan, who used to profess an interest in the goings-on in the dilapidated wards of Whitchurch hospital.  However, we appear to be left with the critically accurate letter from Cllr Rita Austin, entitled 'In Mental Health it has always been a case of Jam Tomorrow......' ( Echo 9th July ).  Now we are informed, yesterday, by the Echo, that "£272m Cash Crisis Could Cripple NHS", with Cardiff & Vale University Health Board expected to save £87.8m this year alone.  This leaves me wondering, which is more laughable -

a) That the CHCs are as useless as udders on a bull, or   

b) That the figures quoted for these murderous cuts are - in any way - truthfull, let alone necessary !

After all, dear readers, the CHC and the UHB are already proven liars, in their deceiptful handling of the recent 'consultations' - a fact which even our First Minister seems to see as inignificant.
Pitifull, isn't it, that no public body ( eg The Audit Office ) has ever bothered to establish the truth, and that the patients and public are made to suffer such unjustifiable, unsubstantiated losses of huge sums of OUR money ? Anon.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Gofal Thinks Differently

Could it be 'Time to Change'  anti stigma campaign - in Wales as it has been in England - the Gofal service user newsletter asks in June issue .Certainly let us hope so.
Gofal is also set to launch it's 'Wellbeing Model'  among it's priorities over the next twelve months to be fully implemented by April 2012. Their aim is to "improve mental health policy, practice and legislation as well as to increase public understanding of mental health and wellbeing." Gofal states that WAG has committed money towards this project.Let us hope some positive changes are afoot as it high time they were in Wales.
'The Whitchurch Project'  set up by Literature Wales in 2007 continues to gather opinions of the various users of Whitchurch Hospital over the years of it's establishment that hopefully will also reach a conclusion by 2012 in a published format.
Let us all gather together and think differently about the kind of mental health services we are offering as a community in the twenty first century.
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

One Flying Over. . .

This Blog has been sadly orphaned and is down to one as the other Cuckoo has left the nest!
While Robin and I share the same aims that of a change of culture in the way people suffering mental disorders are treated we perhaps are trying to achieve it from different perspectives.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Goodbye, Farewell, I'm Leaving now.......

Problems of a blog that has two contributors are raising their ugly heads.  I am being warned that I may be sued for the facts I have written and that - somehow - my fellow blogger will be damaged by any action against me.  If only that were the case - I've been trying to get Bro Taf Health Authority, Cardiff & Vale Trust, Cardiff Health Board. The Vale Health Board, The Community Health Councils ( no, that's not a joke, really ), NHS Wales and our Welsh Assembly Government ( now cleverly transformed into The Welsh Government ), The Information Commissioner, Health Inspectorate Wales, The Auditor General, Jeremy Coleman,  Cardiff County Council, The Vale County Council........AND their crooked solicitors, Morgan Cole, who 'act' on behalf of all of the above ( whatever happened to the Monopolies Commission ?), to sue me for ten years - without success.  They can't sue me for one reason, and one good reason only.  If they did, they would have to produce self-incriminating evidence in court which could make the entire 'Pack of ( marked ) Cards' down in one swell foop, as Dr Spooner would say.

Suffice to say that, I stand by everything I have spoken and have written - so help me God - so, what have I to be afraid of ?  Any, or all of the above self-serving piggeries ?  You would have to be joking.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing these facts with you.  Perhaps I will appear soon in an even more cunning disguise - ME !   Robin Williams - Patient Advocate.  Have a great day.