Friday, 10 February 2012

Take a letter.....To the Editor !

For the attention of 'You Say' editor, Pat English
Dear Madam
I am more than disappointed that you have avoided publishing my last letter about the threat of Islamic extremists in our midst.  Doubtless, you will treat this letter in the same manner.
As I predicted several months ago, The Universally Inept Health Board have allowed the Islamification of our one Christian Chapel.  Using the pathetic excuse that the muslims need more room, they have cowardly allowed the desecration of our one Christian Chapel in University Hospital of Wales by handing it over to the muslims.  They already had a multi-faith room with yet more unconsecrated rooms available for the muslims and their prayers.  Already, the stained glass window is set to go in the next two weeks, with the muslims demanding that our crucifix be removed too, whilst the rest of the visitors room in the chapel of Jesus Christ has been converted to foot - washing areas, if you please.  The immovable crucifix cannot be removed but must be covered over to meet their demands.
In Australia, the government has told the muslims that if they wish to continue their own practices there, they must choose between returning to their country of origin, or dressing and behaving as Australians do. However, Britain continues to allow them to form exclusively Islamic areas, in the shadows of their unsightly mosques, thus defying any attempt at integration and abandoning the principal of multiculturism.
Our cowardly government must stop this creeping Islamification of our Christian country.  Their despicable affrontery has done more to destroy our heritage than any enemy force..
I speak as a patient who was saved by a muslim surgeon and many muslim junior doctors and nurses. that does not mean that I must stand by and watch them progressively destroy our Christian faith, its' places of worship, and its' symbols. What's next ? - Islamic Hospitals ?

Yours faithfully
Robin Williams

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