Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Dumber and Dumber, by the day !

'The Letter that Shames our NHS'

Well,who would have thought that another disaster story about the NHS would be revealed in today's Echo.
The letter by Kieron Jones, on behalf of his wife, could not be more damning of the incompetence of the Universally Inept Health Board. 'Couldn't organise a p.... up in a brewery' springs to mind, and why not ? Ever since the Queen of Hearts, Edwina, revealed her ultimate plan for the future success of the ' fit for purpose' NHS in Wales, I have been banging on about the glaring incompetence of the Directors and Managers of the National Health-Prevention Service ( NHPS - formerly the NHS ). It would be politically incorrect of me to point out that most of these dumb-dumbs are women, and that not a single one of them has any proven managerial experience.  Anyway, whatever gender, they are a collective of stumbling, fumbling disfunctionaries who I wouldn't put in charge of the child's toy, 'Fit the square peg into the correct etc'.  With such high uneployment currently, I can't imagine that a reasonably intelligent group of 15 year olds couldn't make a better job of managing the NHS than these idiots, who clearly have spent over ten years of time and money, wasting millions of our pounds with the apparent approval of the equally inept government ( recent reports on our failing schools, and their catastrophic failure to attract so much as sweet shop to Wales ).  I am constantly being accused of 'running down the excellent work put in by the employees of the NHS', yet the failures such as that experienced by Kieron Jones and his poor wife, are impossible to put in a constructive light.  I could never criticise these loyal, hardworking souls, as they put more man-hours in a week than the entire disfunctional Health Board.

The understaffed A & E unit at UHW is a permanent scar on our communal consciousnce, that we allow so few nurses and doctors to deal with their massive task of  healing seriously ill patients.  I cannot praise these 'Heroes' highly enough yet, like the willing horse, they are always flogged to do more.  Llandough emergency unit and assessment wards show the constant pressure on fewer staff to do more work, and who can blame the occasional expression of utter helplessness and frustration ?

The NHS Wales is the most badly managed organisation in Great Britain and, until we get rid of these Mandarins of Disaster, we are the ones who will suffer more and more of this negligent treatment.  R W

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