Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Peoples Republic of Wales

and why ? -

Soaring NHS waiting lists, Plummeting school standards, Jobs for the boyos. – AND


With the latest outbursts from our First Minister, you could finally conclude that Wales has become an autocratic republic, twinned with North Korea.  At least Kim il Carwyn, hasn’t had Ann Clwyd taken out and shot for daring to state the fact that NHS Wales is in a deep, deep crisis.  But, then Cardiff is not yet on a par with Pyongyang and – mercifully for outspoken critics of our declining health service – Kim il Carwyn is a bag of wind who hasn’t the power to criticise his betters.  Ann Clwyd is a Labour 24 carat, 100% genuine stalwart who is more senior and far more experienced than our bully-boy First Minister.  Frankly anyone who criticises this honourable Lady deserves to be dragged through the streets in chains, tarred and feathered.

No matter how much the clown-barrister from Brigaden shouts as he brow-beats his critics in the Sennydd, he cannot silence the Tsunami of criticism of NHS Wales which, all agree, has such a parlous future.  Carwyn and his forerunners have reduced our wonderful health service to a bunch of military field hospitals, purely in order to cut costs.  As with their military counterparts, our hospitals are understaffed and inadequately equipped to deal with health needs of Wales now and in the future.  Many changes have been made – all futile and failing to improve healthcare anywhere in the ( former ) Principality.  Our health staff, however have soldiered on through all the cuts, working well over any expectation in a Herculean effort to provide the health care that their patients deserve.

Here, I quote Robert Hardman of the Daily Mail, ”Take the health service. Welsh patients –. and their loved ones - who want a full investigation into why the Principality has some of the UK’s most alarming hospital statistics are told there’s no need for one – and woe betide anyone who won’t take no for an answer.  Look at this week’s demonisation of Labour MP Ann Clwyd who saw her husband die ‘like a battery hen’ in a Cardiff hospital in 2012 and has become a mouthpiece for thousands in the same situation.  No wonder there has been an exodus to hospitals in England, as we report today.”

He continues, “I have listened to Athena – a furious Pembrokeshire woman forced to pay for her own hip operation because of an 18 month waiting list – six times the average in England. The Cardiff spin machine would love to paint her as a rich Tory stooge.  Certainly the only person speaking up for her is her local Tory M.P. Simon Hart.  Just one problem comrades.  She’s a lifelong socialist who has spent her entire working life as an NHS Nurse “.
And, “I have listened in ghastly detail to the story of a mother of five who died after a catalogue of neglect at her local hospital. The hospital also lied to her family, leading her son to launch a local uprising against the management of the Welsh NHS.  So, is he a Tory agitator ? or anti-welsh ? No, infuriatingly for Labour’s state apparatus which has already tried to bury his complaint, he’s from a mining background in the Rhondda and spent 30 years teaching in a South Wales comprehensive.”

Well, Ann Clwyd has demanded the resignation of the Chair, Maria Battle and the Chief Executive of the Cardiff and Vale University health board, Adam Cairns, who released the confidential report into the death of her husband.  She says, “in my opinion, this information has been released for spiteful and political reasons because I have been critical of both UHW and NHS Wales.”

Having campaigned against both these bodies for over 13 years, I can only hope that she is successful.  In my personal opinion, the entire health board should be scrapped and rebuilt around people who know and understand the reasons for the existence of the NHS.    R.  W.

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