Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ooooops ! - the NHS consultation process failed again

Lies, Damn Lies, and NHS Lies to Shame a nation and betray its' populace

In my recent post 'The hypocritical Oaf', I accurately reported on the apparent rejection of the changes for Royal Glamorgan hospital, Llantrisant by CWM Taf Health Board, which later proved how easily this stupid Welsh patient could be hoodwinked. During the very next day the Echo produced another article that provided so-called testimony from unknown sycophants of the Health Minister that concluded that the changes MUST be made to 'ensure patient safety'.  Every piece of this article contradicted the earlier headline that "Health Board Rejects Changes" in accordance with the text prepared somewheree in the bowels of Cathays Park.

Now, today we hear the news that the changes of the South Wales Programme are going to be implemented in full - exactly as originally proposed !  In other words , in spite of over 53,000 written responses - the majority of which were against ALL of the changes - and tens of thousands more verbal objections, our treacherous government will go ahead with taking Paediatric, Neo Natal, and Accident and Emergency services away from Royal Glamorgan hospital. Llanelli will lose its A&E services, Withybush its neo-natal services - and all contrary to the overwhelming weight of public opinion. Needless to say, all other hospitals mentioned in the infamous 'Programme' will be affected, exactly as the proposals indicated a year ago. [ With one notable exception, that being the hospital to be built in Cwmbran that will be blessed with an A&E unit, if ever the hospital gets built ! ]

Unbelievably, NHS Wales and our corrupt Welsh government have perpetrated the greatest, and cruelest, acts of criminal negligence and fraudulent consultations ever recorded in our history.  Our health service now face the greatest crisis in its' history, just as Ann Clwyd MP warned after reading thousands of criticisms by the public and patient groups. Incredibly, Carwyn Jones, in his Stalinist outburst, chose to regale the entire Senedd with accusations that she had not produced one shred of evidence, despite repeated requests from him and the the Health Minister.  Not content with ridiculing his senior Labour Party colleague, he then cruelly suggested that Mrs Clwyd was influenced by her opinion of the way her late husband had been treated.  I can only hope that the entire Labour Party supports Ann Clwyd by reprimanding Jones for the remorseless bully-boy he has shown himself to be.

No matter how many times the First Minister and the Health Minister try to wriggle their way out of their responsibilities, the fact remains that NHS Wales is in the worst shape ever to provide healthcare services to the Welsh people.     R.  W.

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