Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The number of patients waiting more than 36 weeks for hospital treatment has risen to 16,109 – a new high.  Welsh Government targets say that 95% should wait less than 26 weeks and everyone should be treated within 36 weeks

Meanwhile – still refusing to hold an independent enquiry into mortality rates - Prudence Drakeford pumps another £5m to cut waiting times for diagnostic tests.  It is hoped that faster tests will mean quicker treatment, which I doubt as £5 is too little too late.  With a massive total of 415,152 patients waiting for the start of their treatment at the end of January, with a total of 89,999 being treated during the same month, it doesn't look like NHS Wales is going to achieve anything but an increase in frustrated patients and higher mortality rates.

After releasing this information, Prudent Prudence Drakeford went back to his allotment which benefited from his early attention to detail and the advance expenditure on tools, vegetables  and seedlings enough to ensure a safe, sustainable supply of vegetables and fruit – all ‘fit for purpose’, of course !    R.   W.

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