Thursday, 27 March 2014

Don't kill the messenger

 Party Betrayal in the Sennyd

Last week, two letters regarding Ann Clwyd's claims of many complaints against NHS Wales, particularly the University hospital of Wales in Cardiff, were published in the Echo.

In your article of the 19th, headed 'Carwyn Hits out at Labour MP on Welsh NHS Claims', you allowed Carwyn Jones to cast doubt on Ann Clwyd's claims. This outburst on television from the Sennyd was to the extent that he demonised her as a trouble-maker, actually implying that she had produced no evidence.

He shouted out that he had asked her many times - in person and in writing for her to provide the evidence and added that his Health Minister had done the same to no avail.

This week. on the 26th March, Ann Clwyd MP tried to make a date when she would present her evidence to the government's Health and Social Services Committee. Contradicting his early attack, he asked his labour members to vote on whether or not Ms Clwyd should be allowed to meet the Health Committee with her evidence.  Inexplicably - to any sane person - Carwyn's AMs voted unanimously to deny Ann Clwyd MP her right to appear before the committee.

The only possible explanation for this about-turn is that Carwyn knows the complaints are justified but wants to cover-up the crisis in our NHS, in order to stop there being any adverse criticism made in front of Labour's electorate.  The fact that Ann Clwyd is a highly respected, long serving and senior member of the Labour party shows Carwyn and his cronies as dishonest and disrespectful as he was in the Sennyd.
R.  W.

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