Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Abolition of the NHS - Exposed

Keiser Report - Episode 573, 11.03.2014

In this episode, Max Keiser turns his superb financial analytical mind to the gradual sell off of NHS Assets

[ Before proceeding, it it vital to note that yesterday in Parliament, Part of the Care Bill was cancelled in order to allow hospitals to be sold off. This is a matter of record ]  
This change in legislation is the clearest signal yet that our governments in England and Wales are to continue to sell off hospitals cheaply to sell on to property developers for a large profit, acting like free marketeers.
The population are not being mandated about the changes to the NHS, showing their complete contempt for public opinion that would undoubtedly reject these revolutionary and counter-productive changes.  For information , 30 % of the £100bn NHS budget is 'spent' on administration, which is directed to concealing such  mercenary policies in order to accommodate making disposal of NHS assets for profit, under the excuse of making 'essential' cuts.  We are misinformed that these cuts are to improve patient services by making them "Fit for purpose" ( whatever the hell that means ).

The author of this book 'SellOff - the Abolition of the NHS', Peter Bach, was Max's special guest, who had been approached by a high number of doctors who wanted this blatant corruption exposed and, of course stopped. Max interjected by referring to a report by Alistair Heath of 'City AM' which states that, "The NHS
has always been mercenary, not caring about health, only growth".

This proves the motive for closing hospitals with 1000 beds being lost was/and is to bring about the current unsafe and dangerous conditions which will be used an excuse for further sell-offs, instead of more essential investment.  The evidence is clear to see, if only the apathetic patients and public would bother to look.
On Monday, 10th March 2014, the Echo reports the article, 'Apologies for delayed ops' which states that "Nearly 1700 operations in Welsh hospital had to be put back due to a shortage of beds". Having reduced the number of inpatient beds by 1000 or more, NHS Wales are  admitting that the shortage of beds is a direct result of their closure policies.

In case anyone is in doubt the NHS's closure of all-but 4 A&E units is a contributory factor to this disgraceful situation, where overcrowding in A&E units is to blame for the lack of availability of hospital beds. ( incidentally, there are eventually to be 5 ( that's five !) A&E units, the 5th being at Cwmbran hospital which hasn't even been built yet !  Also, our Minister of Prudent healthcare - having totally disregarded the Royal College of Surgeons report into deaths of over 152 cardiac patients awaiting surgery - covers up this continued destruction of the NHS by making outlandish, and totally unjustified, attacks on all his critics with his 'Cold Rage' reported by Media Wales.

On March 6th 2014, Professor Prudence Drakeford "slams cynical Tories for dragging NHS through the mud".  Having consigned the Welsh NHS to the mud in the first place, it's hardly any wonder that ANY of his critics could be blamed for exposing his shameful actions at any and every opportunity !

My father once told me "There is no one so stupid as someone who will not learn", and this applies to Pru Drakeford and his boss, Carwyn Jones.

My prediction for the future is that the Cwmbran \hospital will be built under a P.F.I ( Private Financial Initiative ) scheme, which will result in huge profits going to a private developer for building and managing the new hospital,  Also, don't be surprised if your local GP practice starts billing you for their services !  R.  W.

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