Sunday, 2 June 2013

"999, What's your emergency ?"

The true misery of mental illness

ITV are to be congratulated for this poignant and painful programme, that revealed the true suffering of the mentally ill and their families.  I'm not ashamed to say that it made me cry, remembering exactly how badly I have suffered over the years.  However the patience and compassion of the ambulance service staff was true revelation, and they should all be commended for their caring handling of difficult circumstances.

The programme didn't hold back from stating that the inpatient services available to the mentally ill were inadequate, making a lot of them feel that one cares and the only way out is to leave the pain behind.  The detailed report of the tragic suicide was almost too much to bear - a 52 year old lady seeing death as the only way out.  Of course the majority of the cynical public will say that "It's just a cry for help", or "They should pull themselves together" but, in reality mental ill health is a growing tragedy with sufferers being stigmatised by these sanctimonious, inert members of the public and the medical profession.

My heart goes out to every sufferer and I would do anything to help, if I could only be with them. My helplines are always open, so call 029 - 20711371,  0775 - 1313353, or e-mail for an understanding chat that will benefit us both, probably me more than you !  God Bless you all.    Robin

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