Thursday, 6 June 2013

A Plethora of Professors

"Hospitals must change for sake of junior doctors" - Echo, Julia McWatt

Firstly, there came upon us the badly scripted explanation from Prof Marcus Longley who had to e-mail our government to ask them what they wanted him to say.  Then he lied about this indisputable fact and lied once more to the entire empty room of assembly members, saying that his report was his and his alone ( 'onest gov ! ).  His audience was unimpressed and held a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the then Minister, Leslie Griffiths, who responded sharply - and with the honesty and sincerity of a Taliban peace-maker - that the script sent to our dear professor, didn't exist.

Next, dutifully and loyally, we hear the first golden words from  Professor Mark Drakeford AM, Minister for Wealth and job Security repeating the words of his predecessor, like a litany of crackling record extracts, that would have done justice to any self-serving crackpot of a Banana repubic.
Still, no one bought the BS ( business statistsics, of course ), about the need to train doctors and attract them to Wales. [Here it is important to remind everyone in the Principality that UHW and Llandough are teaching hospitals that successfully graduate hundreds and hundreds of doctors every year ].

As already covered in an earlier post, the Chairman of the juniour doctors has already ridiculed the proposals, whilst indicating that there are plenty of junior doctors available, if only the NHS would offer them a career in Wales.

Then, of late, we were blessed with the opinion of Professor Derek Gallen , Postgraduate Dean for medical education, who says that providing the same services in all hospitals in South Wales is "Hindering medical training in certain areas".  Oddly ( and contradicting the obvious facts ) he goes on to say that "Wales is in a downward spiral" when it came to the recruitment of new staff in hospitals and that by changing the provision of ceratin services, medics would be more attracted to working here.  Needless to say he follows the flawed argument of Dr Graham Shortland and asst. that our only salvation lies in the preferred option put forward by the Universally Inept Health Boards, otherwise we are all doomed.

This of course takes us back to the only motive behind all recent NHS proposals - i.e. to cut costs by rationalising and centralising services, thereby making them even more inaccessible than they are already ( and to hell with what we patients and members of the public think about the changes being made ).

Well, dear readers, if this hasn't raised a smile on your disease-ridden faces, you should all log onto the NHS website and read the unmitigated drivell that is contained within the Board Minutes for the Universally Inept Health Boards.  There you will find reams of rhetoric but absolutely no "Who, What,Where, When, How and Why" or How much will it cost, dear Liza, dear Liza - how much ???"

So, before the "downward spiral" smashes us all into mush, why not cut-along to a consultation meeting to hear it all in person ?  Of course, the assumption is that you will be able to find the times and locations of these meetings beforehand.  Neither I nor my colleagues could find this information anywhere - good luck !      R. W.

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