Monday, 10 June 2013

Elected Representatives ignorant on NHS Wales

Do our Assembly member and our Member of Parliament represent our healthcare interests ?

I am sorry to read that both elected representatives are woefully lacking in accurate information on the current state of our health services.  Both have readily accepted the 'party line', which is the NHS' misrepresentation of current services and the apparent need for change.

This saddens me greatly, as it is a further example of how out of touch they really are with the needs and concerns of their constituents There is no doubt that the change to our health services - since 2001 - has been of great concern to patients and their families.  Hospitals have closed, as well as clinics, and social service provision is less than adequate.  We have lost over 800 beds over this period and we are well past the point where need for these services has increased drastically, whilst resources have been cut in order to save money.

Nowhere has this been obvious than to the care of the elderly, and especially dementia services.  The Vale now is without an specialist care home for dementia patients, since the closure of Bryneithin Eelderly Mentally Infirm Care Home.  With the 'Baby Boomers' now become the elderly, it is shocking to see the cuts that show the lack of care for our vulnerable elderly population which is increasing at a dramatic rate.

The closure of Accident and Emergency services is a major concern for the chronically ill - especially those living in rural areas.  We know that 'the Golden Hour' will be impossible to meet which, sadly, will result in more unecessary deaths and bring more criticism for our over-worked ambulance services.

The NHS in Wales is in a critical state solely due to their failure to conduct a Needs Assessment or Epidemiology study, and for the authorities to plan to meet this growing need with increased resources. It is the shocking failure of our government to plan for change in a manner that will improve and increase services to the growing population.  Ever since the Welsh Government was formed, the mismanagement of our NHS has brought services and patients to their knees for want of proper care and effective management.  Consequently, we urge our elected representatives to become more aware of the huge cuts made to services that are calculated ony to save money by disregarding patient care, both in the community and in our hospitals.

We urge our elected representatives to help their constituents by ensuring that resources will be made available in order to rebuild our decimated health services !  We need to get rid of our bad managers and increase the clinical staff immediately.    R. W.

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