Sunday, 16 June 2013

Thousands missing target times for NHS treatment

Targets - What are they ? ( Apart from meaningless and pointless )

More than 7500 patients in Wales are waiting more than 36 weeks to START NHS treatment - when the target is zero.  These "Referral to treatment times" figures were criticised as "atrocious" by opposition politicians. This represents a steep rise in referral times from GPs, with patients suffering from the NHS' failure, brought about by their own incompetence.

In April, 7600 patients had been waiting more than 36 weeks, which is 2000 more than in March. The figures show that a total of 396,092 patients were waiting to start treatment at the end of April. So services are getting progressively worse, with the government representatives trotting out the usual excuses such as 'winter pressures on services', and 'the vast majority of patients are ( of course ) treated well within the maximum waiting times'.

Observers at the Senedd cannot help but notice that Kirsty Williams AM is the only Party leader to persistently and effectively pour scorn on the government's past, present and future plans for changes to health services across Wales. If any woman has earned her Queen's birthday honour of a CBE, Kirsty Williams has only one more honour to achieve, and that is the Leadership of the National Party.

For we patients, the agony increases day by day with all of us suffering from the NHS irrational and unjustifiable closures of essential services such as Accident and Emergency. The government's stubborn persistence to ignore the failures of their own plans continues to expose their incompetence and their inability to provide an efficient and cost-effective health services to the electorate.  R. W.

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