Thursday, 30 May 2013

We change or face mayhem

Dr Chris Jones' warning on staff shortages

Unsurprisingly, this represntative of the Cwm Taf Health Board is singing from the same song sheet as the other Health Boards, NHS Wales and our out-of-touch government.

Predictably, staff shortages are to blame, which ( obviously ) means that some services ( Neo-natal, Paediatric, and A & E ) have to be taken out of most hospitals and relocated to more centralised, inaccessible, over-crowded, larger hospitals, where parking is nigh-on impossible. Everyone sees UHW as overcrowded but Llandough will become more congested with a Mental Hospital ( including new concourse and shops ) in a hospital that has long walks that'll save you excercising on the Taff Trail.

The other service to get a good kicking is the Ambulance trust who are blamed daily for failing to meet target times. The factis that existing A&E units are so congested that ambulance are stuck there in queues waiting to unload patients requiring emergency care.  And the reason ?  Not enough beds, after 800+ have been cut over the past ten years during the cost-cutting implemented by successive, incompetent managers within Health Authorities and Local Health Boards - all at the instigation of our inept government with it's role-playing Ministers.

Yes, I'm whining again, but everything I have criticised in every post is true, and uncontested.  Like me, your probably thinking "Why don't they advertise for more staff at competitive salaries ?"  In my opinion, taking on an adequate number of doctors and nurses will go completely against the cost-cutting that is the sole motivator for every proposed ( and implemented ) change over the past decade.

So, we end up with inadequate, inaccessible, under-staffed health units that will only benefit the politicians ( who all have private care cover anyway ).   R.  W.

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