Thursday, 23 May 2013

An opening for a new auditor?

We all know by now, how controversial the Rookwood move is. Mainly due to the protected nature of the Rookwood buildings and their surrounding trees and land, but also due to the fact the land is 'owned' by Charity, thus needs to adhere to certain Charity Commission rules in order to be altered, or in this case, demolished and built on top of.

Thus it was of great interest to note that, the Business Case for the movement of Neuro Services from Rookwood and the sale thereof, had been submitted to WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) according to a Board Meeting of the Cardiff and Vale Health Charity (the trustees, and also conveniently Cardiff & Vale Board Members). This document was dated March 12th 2013 and can be viewed here:

Upon requesting a copy of the document via FOI Act, I was informed that the document had not, in fact, been submitted to WAG, nor even been approved by the Health Board..... eh?

I then, naturally, pointed out the board notes, to be helpfully informed the notes were in fact INCORRECT. Haha. This is where it gets quite interesting.


I request a document, which, a Board meeting, dated March 12th 2013, says has been submitted to WAG by the Interim Finance Director.

The Health Board meet on March 28th 2013 and confirm the above, attending this meeting is, yup you guessed it, the very same Interim Finance Director.

There was another Board meeting scheduled for May 7th 2013 (as yet, unconfirmed as to whether it went ahead) assuming it did, that would mean they CONFIRMED the minutes from both the above.


This 'mistake' was confirmed as true THREE times.

Can anyone smell bull***t???

Magpie x (Just for a change!)

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