Wednesday, 15 May 2013

We Wouldn't Want NHS TO TREAT US !

Hospital workers' damning indictment of their own standards

Also, A&E units require £400m

In a recent Welsh Government survey, only half of the staff said that they would endorse the care provided by their workplace. I'll bet most of these were terrified at the prospect of being found out and sacked ( their are so many rat-fink snitches trying to garner favour with their bosses, their lips must be chapped from all that ass-kissing ).  However, this has got to be the worst advertisement for our NHS, since the responses to the 'consultations' held by the health boards in Wales.

The first Minister leapt into action saying that he was going to get to the bottom of the matter immediately and demand action ( his Proctologist wasn't so otimistic in getting to the fundamental orifice from which all stupid changes to the NHS were proposed ).  Seething with doubts about his own credibility, Carwyn immediately stated that, "there would be no change to the planned cut-backs to A&E units as remaining the same was NOT an option. [ Over the past ten years of hearing this 'not an option' statement used ( coincidentally ? ) by every Health Board and Community Health Council, I'm amazed that none of these mentally-challenged berks realised that - OF COURSE, remaining the same IS AN OPTION, always.  Alternatively, listening to objectors and finding a mutually agreeable solution might be considered for the first time in our Welsh Government's history . R.W ]

Alright, so we don't live in a democracy, but you'd think that at least one A.M. would have an I.Q. in double figures !

In addition, the Head of Emergency services says that they must have another £400m in order to provide a satisfactory service, as outlined by the government's -stark-raving-looney bureaucrats.
At least, these are the only people in Wales who believe these changes will result in a service 'Fit for Purpose' ( whatever the hell that means. )  The rest of us will continue to suffer from the inadequacies of our depleted NHS 'service', just the same as the poor staff who are expected to maintain any kind of service under impossible conditions.   R. W.

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