Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"I'm a graduate, I don't do sick" - Nurse to patient

Ann Clwydd vows to highlight complaints about care

The MP has recieved more than 2500 letters and e-mails of  complaints from patients and families, detailling 'appalling' levels of care at University Wales hospital. Patients left in sick or excrement; some with their food left out of reach; some treated like a spare tyre, and many other cases of rough tretment or neglect.  One was told that her buzzer was left out of reach "In case she strangled herself", another couldn't get her fingernails trimmed because the nurse claimed that it would "constitute an assault".  Still more reported sexual assaults,some by same-sex nurses in the shower.

Whatever all the complaints were, we want to know what Ann Clwydd is going to do about them - apart from just pass them on to our useless-as-udders-on-a-bull First Minister.  I hasten to add that the vast majority of nurses that have treated me have been very attentive, kind and caring - even the graduates !  R.W.

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