Monday, 12 March 2012

Recent UHW news stories are very troubling

Robin has pointed out the recent stories of bed shortages at UHW (University Hospital, Wales - Heath), which, as we all know, is no new problem. I was unfortunate enough to be at UHW - in the Maternity Assessment Unit - on one such day.

I am currently 18 weeks pregnant and have Hyperemesis. What's that I hear you ask? Sorry, Google can tell you, I'm sick of explaining it!  I needed IV fluids due to dehydration and therefore needed to be admitted and that meant I needed a bed. Oh dear! There aren't any!

Anyway... the main point of this post is to discuss the recent news that a mother recently lost her unborn child due to staff at the UHW MLU (Midwifery Led Unit) sticking to their 'protocol' instead of listening to a mother 'in-the-know'.

The mother's name; Katrina Giles. A mother who had lost a son to placental abruption (again, Google) and so knew how it felt when something wasn't right and, more importantly, went to ask the 'professionals' for help, only to be let down.

The Echo article says:

Ruth Walker, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s executive director of nursing, said: “We extend our sincere condolences to Katrina and her family at this difficult time.

“As they are aware we have undertaken a full investigation into the issues they have raised and shared our report with Katrina.

“We have had discussions with Katrina and will continue to have on-going discussions with her and the family in relation to our findings.”

One thing that doesn't really bear any reference to the article (but I think needs a mention) is that Ruth Walker refers to the lady as 'Katrina' - I am sure Ms Giles is not on friendly terms with Ms Walker, and so, would not allow her to be so informal!

Back to the point. How much money are the UHB going to waste on an investigation, which, ultimately should deduce that staff didn't listen, they left an emergency situation go on far too long, and the child died. That didn't take much time to figure out did it?

In the first instance Ms Giles should have been consultant led and not in the MLU. END OF! A mother who previously lost a child at term to placental abruption?? What the....? 

Secondly, I'd love to see the 'report' - hmmmm I wonder if I could get it on Freedom of Information? I bet it won't mention the shortage of staff, shortage of beds, demands on the staff at the unit itself etc etc.

We now hear also that Rookwood is not to be transferred to Llandough until the covenant on the land can be transferred AND the building completely renovated for disabled use - what was the rush to close the MLU at Llandough? Surely the compensation culture from all these UHW faux pas is going to cost much more than the running costs of a much needed MLU??

I love being right.

Lynnette Spragg

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  1. Well, women always enjoy being right. It's just a damned shame that the Universally Inept Health Board just love being wrong, on so many occasions. One applicable truism from my dear old Dad, "There is nobody so stupid as someone who will not learn". If there is anyone on the Board who has any reasoning capabilities, I think he should start speaking now.