Friday, 9 March 2012

'Making a Difference ( parts 1&2'.) Ooooops the UIHB and NHS Wales come unstuck !

It must be nearly two years since we first saw the first of these ridiculous documents.  During that time, I ( and some colleagues ) have devoted an inordinate amount of time, attempting to unlock the secrets within these pitifully inadeqate documents.  The amount of corresponcences has been huge, with the only dismissive responses coming from the Universally Inept Health Board and the Minister of Health ( and her subordinates ) who have steadfastly refused to answer the questions we raised about the legality of the consultation process, as well as the current Legislation, protocol and the Guidelines. All of our points were ( and are ) accurate, quoting only from the the Minister's own Revised Guidelines, and exposing the lies and the massive cover-up orchestrated by our government, led by the First Minister.  This is a public disgrace, with all Directorial, Managerial and Ministerial bureaucrats having been exposed as unrepentent liars, as well as their 'Home Guard' collaborators, the Community Health Councils.

Our tireless efforts to expose their total lack of probity, and their abdication of responsibilty, have produced little success, until now, that is !  Chosen colleagues have been sent copies of the documents that prove the extent of the UIHB's intent to deceive the public, wasting millions in the process.  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.  R.W.

N.B.  Since the UIHB have deliberatel closed access to my blog ( illegally ) under the ludicrous pretence that it is a 'social website, distribution of any good news will take a little longer than before.  However, rest assured the 'the truth will triumph in the end'. Unfortunately, we must be on our guard as the UIHB will persist with attempting to put their ineptly planned prosals into place.  R.W.

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