Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I so agree with Lynette Spragg's comments re: the patronising way in which members of the public using NHS services, 'health professionals' are treated, in spite of the fact that we pay their salaries.

While suffering from depression myself and having to undergo, 'treatment' I was repeatedly addressed by a junior female doctor as, "Honey" despite numerous requests not to be addressed in that patronising way. To me it illustrates  the 'them and us' scenario endemic in the mental health service.

My other concern is that on Sunday at an International Womens ' Day Event in Chapter organised by CFN  where JANE HUTT - who now has the Portfolio for Equalities at WAG - sat on the Panel where she assured the gathering that she had the best interests of women in Wales at heart re: issues of, "dignity and  respect" and that she was, "concerned with the safety of women." .
I then asked her the question why if that was actually the case why had UHB reneged on it's promise of Single Sex wards in Mental Health Units in the Public Consultations : 2010. She denied all knowledge of this and said she would ,"have to look into it." The session was then quickly moved on.
I have since emailed her for further clarification: of course I have received No Reply.

I might add that Julie Morgan Labour MP for Cardiff North is more concerned with Sun Bed legislation than with the appalling conditions of ,' bed sharing' at Whitchurch Hospital on her very doorstep of her Plasneydd Surgey!
How do these politicians ,who proudly parade their Liberal Values, these paid up members of the Guardian Reading Public -how do they sleep at night ?
 Have 'lessons been learned' ?  I think not.  G. B.


  1. patronising language is quite common unfortunately...it might be someone's mistaken attempt to be 'friendly'...even so, it is thoughtless and insensitive ...even less forgivable is the subsequent lack of response/modification of language when clear feedback was given. In terms of Jane Hutt...lets hope the delay is due to the careful 'gathering of the facts' process before responding... time will certainly tell....

  2. Lynnette Spragg13 March 2012 at 15:32

    Because there are more parents worried about sun loungers companies than there are mental health patients moaning about bed sharing, that's the simple, yet sad, fact.

    Jane Hutt? Don't get me started! You'll be waiting 3 or 4 weeks for a letter to be sent to you (wasting money on special WAG envelopes and postage rather than a simple email back. Good call!

  3. Btw Lynette I have had a rely from one of her underlings that my query is being passed on the Social Services Minister.

    Experts at passing the buck is obviously a qualification for WAG.