Thursday, 1 September 2011

All Hail the Clown Prince of the Community Health Council of Health Lap-Dogs, Cardiff Pound

I couldn't resist looking over the shoulder of a fellow campaigner who managed to acces a copy of a letter sent to a member of our Welsh Government by the 'Chief Officer' of Cardiff CHC, no less. He ( for the purposes of not 'naming and shaming' a man who has been, and still is,  the subject of much justifiable ridicule ) was responding to the widely voiced complaint about their being no answer to the question, "What is to happen to the patients of Whitchurch Hospital during the 4 years ( at least ) before the new inadequate Mental Health Unit is to be completed at Llandough". The honourable member of government was pressing him for details of the care to be given the poor souls left to rot - for lack of proper services - in the ancient Victorian Asylum, during the ensuing period before transition to the ( supposedly ) 'fit for purpose' wards will be opened. However, I digress from letter to the A.M. that was sent by the Clown Prince of the Cardiff CHC.  This letter was the most arrogant, ignorant and deliberately evasive load of meningless, insincere, dissmissive, crap that I have ever had the misfortune to read.  Even though I have known this imbecile for years I never thought him capable of stringing five words together to make a sentence, let alone write such bureacratic gobbledeygook.

The A.M offered to take the matter up with the Minister herself ( which any reasonable person would think should be an automatic reaction to the uncertainty heaped of mental health patients by the Universally Inept Health Board and their lap-dogs the fawning CHC.  Their Chief Officer ( surely a joke appointment ) should have responded respectfully and in detail to the questions put by the A.M and accepted the offer of more help.  Yet, this arrogant, poppinjay, caricature of a Chief anything, writes with the same contempt as he shows to the poor patients he is supposed to represent by refusing to answer the question and refusing the offer of help. In my opinion he should be replaced immediately with a replica Pinnochio doll, complete with strings connected to the Universally Inept Health Board. The patients need, and demand, answers to how they will be cared for at Whitchurch over the next four years.  The Health and Social Services Minister should act immediately to allay the fears of these vulnerable citizens.  She should then dismantle the useless incompetent, blatantly dishonest Community Health Councils whose actions reflect so badly on our government and the citizens of Wales.


  1. Hey there Robin
    Love your blunt and to the point way as ever.

    Rumour has it the Rookwood move isn't planned until next year now after the rush of the Llandough MLU closure - makes me mad!!

  2. Thanks Magpie. The CHCs are a waste of space and money - like you said 'As useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle'. Making a Difference 2 is even more of the same empty rhetoric from Making a Difference, except now it has a '2' after it. The Universally Inept Health Board must be desparate to justify their continued existence, and still failing !