Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back to the Stark Reality of Mental Illness

Yesterday, a really good friend of mine, who cares for the mentally ill and the 'eductationally challenged', gave me a sharp reminder about what this blog - and my 14 year campaign to improve servise to the mentally ill of all ages - is all about.  His Aunt died after suffering from depression for years without proper inpatient care, or 'Care in the Communiy'.  Needless to add, she died on her own, and only those who have experienced the Black Hole of clinical depression are able to imagine the suffering she must have endured before the merciful release occurred.  Again - needless to add - her death was put down to ' natural causes' - doesn't that convenient statement mask the truth that the REAL cause of death as 'inadequate provision of mental health care' ?
As is if that wasn't enough, one of his 'flock' hanged himself in prison the same day, yet nobody else cares about these preventable deaths.  My heart bleeds for my friend and those two lost souls who were tormented to death by the invisible illness that is becoming more widespread and even more poorly serviced by the Welsh Government, and their Universally Inept Health Board ( Cardiff and Vale Branch ).  God damn them all for their callous indifference to preventable deaths that occur amongst the mentally ill !

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