Sunday, 25 September 2011

RCN calls for longer visiting hours to allow families to play roles of carers?

 I usually agree whole heartedly with the RCN and RCM, however, today's article on the BBC website is just crazy!

The RCN want to extend visiting hours in hospitals, which, on the surface seems like a good idea. Wards being more flexible for working mums and working around bigger time windows than the standard 2-4pm and 6-8pm (school closing time and kids bedtime).

This is not the idea for the change.

The idea is that patients' families will help care for them including feeding and taking them to the toilets.  I am sure most families would be willing to help their loved ones anyway, but what about those who don't have family or they live too far away or simply don't bother to visit?

Inevitably this is the sort of thing I'd expect the NHS, specifically the LHB's, to cook up and am completely confused as to why the RCN would suggest it? Surely they know this would be the slippery slope to less nursing staff e.g. auxillary nurses?

Whatever next?

Lynnette Spragg

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