Friday, 9 September 2011

Another Blow to Mental Health Services in the Vale

At a time when our mental health services have been cut, rationalised and centralised to the point where all patients are ( in some way ) inconvenienced or denied services, further bad news is the last thing we need.  But, here it is - a slap in the 'Orchestra Stalls' that will have all Vale patients reeling in dismay - the announced intention to close the Rehabilitation Centre, Pen-Yr-Ynys on Barry Island.  Staff were informed earlier this week that  their jobs could not be guaranteed beyond the end of the current financial year. They were also informed that the sale of these two properties will make an essential addition to the public purse.  Isn't that a relief to us all ?? We all lose the only Rehabilitation Centre in the Vale so that some useless pillocks on the Cardiff and Vale Universally Inept Health Board can go on enjoying their fat-cat lifestyles. Of course, the 'Board's' uniquely talentless Deputy Chief Executive and Planning Director claims that this matter was included in the farcical public consultation held last year.  Of course, nothing could be further from the truth but then, after months of untruths and deliberate misrepresentation to mentally ill patients by this charlatan and his little helpers, why should we now be surprised to realise that he is a liar of the first water ?  So, there you have it - the truth and nothing but the truth as usual from me.

Of course, my critics will point out that this a mere bagatelle in the history of costly failings in NHS Wales, the Welsh Government and the Universally Inept Health Board.  Look at all the millions spent on orthopaedic services that were supposed to end the tortuous waiting periods for treatment - was this money well spent and,  did it achieve the desired effect ? Of course it bloody well didn't, anymore than the millions poured in by successive Health Ministers do anything to improve general waiting times for the long-suffering patients in other specialities ( that simply created a generation of 'figure fiddlers' ).  The list is really getting too much to bear - the GP contracts, the Consultant contracts, the Out of Hours contracts, the equal pay millions, the millions overspent on drgs and flu vaccines( unused ), the contract nursing costs, the costs of the numerous Out of Area placements of patients to England and other foreign parts - Is anyone out there taking note of all this, because this is your ruddy money being wasted, you complacent, apathetic fools ?!?

Yes, I'm wandering once more, from the tiny insignificant spec of essential services for the mentally ill that has now been lost after this deluge of incompetent spending.  Meanwhile, the new Health Minister and her boss, the First Minister continue to sit on their thumbs, doing 'Porthcawl' about the unstoppable destruction of our once great National Health Service. And WE voted them in by default !

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