Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Hurricane 'Lesley' Sweeps away the Public Health Conference and Public Opinion

Our new Minister for Health and Social Security, is 'Hitting the ground' by stumbling along in the footsteps of her forerunners, sticking to the 'Party Line' during her speech to the Public Health Conference.  Hackneyed phrases like "Services will be improved, not downgraded" and "The final decision ( to approve Health Board proposals for 're-shaping health services' ) will be MINE !", and "Decisions will be made on a clinical and not a political basis."  On hearing that load of crap on the lunchtime news, I nearly barfed up my breakfast porridge and muffin.  We expect 'Rhetoric' from politicians but - really - must it always be the same meaningless, insincere garbage ?  I have come to the conclusion that women are made Ministers because they are incapable of original thought.  'Sucking up to the boss' is what they're best at, and to hell with the people that elected them to power. If there truly is a 'glass ceiling' holding more of these incompetent women down, I say - Hallelujah - God save us from the weak women who are incapable of original thinking.

After 11 long years of cuts to Mental Health Services, during which time 422 inpatient beds have already been lost since July 2002, and hospitals closed, do they really expect us to swallow this bilge ?  Surely not ?
Yet even Marcus Longley ( who I used to respect when we shared spaces on TV programmes criticising NHS services ), now 'Professor of Health Economics' at Glamorgan University, seeks to insult our intelligence with his outpourings of sycophantic drivel ( that probably got him the job in the first place ). Quite seriously, Lying, Stealing and Ass-Kissing have become the the major qualities required of a politician.

Meanwhile, the butter-wouldn't melt-in-my-mouth, Lesley Griffiths begins her 'new career' reading 'old scripts' from some 'Bureaucrat specialising in Bureaucrap' based at Cathays Park.  Clearly, she is incapable of original thought, and believes that if you keep making the same stupid mistakes, as your party political predecessors, then everything will come right in the end !  Steven King couldn't write such nightmare scripts.

Whilst waiting for the reports ( of which she has no idea at present - yeah right ), she tells us that "Changes are absolutely necessary" but neglects to tell us why, saying only that we had "Too many hospitals offering a general service, locally, instead of fewer specialist units that will be better for patients" - completely forgetting where they live, of course, and the logistical problems of getting patients and family to these 'Cure-all bastions of modern medicine'.  How comforting for people in Aberaeron to know that better, more specialised services await them in Cardiff - providing, of course, that that they live long enough to get there and be treated ?  It's hardly any wonder that we, in the Cardiff and the Vale, aren't any happier because we can't get on any waiting list any quicker than the poor sods in Aberaeron !

As I have said - to the point of boredom - there is no freaking planning by the incompetent ass-wipes at the Universally Inept Health Board.  And we are the mugs who pay for their mistakes with our money and our lives.  " Make the Patients Fit the Service" is the rule of law being applied throughout NHS Wales, and "Cut the Staff to Save on Overheads".  Hospitals can be sold at will to any developer passing out enough brown envelopes to choke a Swiss Banker.  To hell with 'right and 'wrong' and silly impediments like legal covenants on hospital land leases. "Make as much profit as you can by turning hospital land into housing developments".
Yes - it is bloody-well true - 'Money is the Root of all Evil', and this is the main motivation for all the changes that dear sweet Lesley Griffiths will blindly approve without any conscience or remorse at all.

Oh - I forgot - Lesley started her speech by saying something like "....after all, Wales WAS the cradle for the National Health Service".  The only undecided question is "Where will the Grave be located ?" dear Lesley.     R.W.

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