Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Day Late and a dollar short

Boy, it was exciting today to see Carol Davies, Director of Wales Community Health Councils on the television news, giving yet-another example of  Health Board management at it's worst. A death-by-neglect at the 'super hospital' in Llantrisant.  Her facial movement showed real determination and a great hair-do.  Unfortunately, her protestations were utterly meaningless, as she couldn't say what she or the CHCs could do about this unacceptable failure.  They are totally without any power to do a damned thing about any of the faults in the NHS, particularly the appalling lack of planning for the mentally ill, that leaves them virtually neglected, in shabby conditions, with poorly motivated staff for FOUR long years, before the new hospital in Llandough gets built.  Personally speaking, I don't believe the new hospital will ever be built.  Just look at the long delays and lack of progress on the Llandough building site, as a result of bad planning, and contractors who see the University Health Board as the Golden Goose - it must be Christmas day every day for the directors of the contractor.  But - like Rita Austin said, "It's Jam Tomorrow  for Mental Health".  What a combination - an incompetent Health Board, a toothless, sycophantic Community Health Council, and a contractor that's making a fortune, the longer the project takes.  The new Outpatients Unit, the Assessment Unit for the Elderly Mentally Infirm, and everything else in the so-called 'plans' is way overdue - even at getting started.  Great news though - Rookwood Radio has been moved to downstairs Llandough 'bank'. That's getting the priorities right - isn't it, Well.....ISN'T IT ?????  Does nobody out there care, or are you too busy sending money abroad, while 'Great' Britain rots at the hands of two lousy governments - One here and the other in Parliament..  Why go to Dignitas in Switzerland when you can die of neglect here for free ???

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