Monday, 29 August 2011

Ambulance Chasing, by the Director of Community Health Councils

Did you see Carol Lamyman-Davies ( nee Jones ) giving the Ambulance Service a tongue-lashing, last week on the evening news ?  What a powerful performance of eye-glaring and menacing hair-do !  She really gave 'em 'what for' and told them to buck their ideas up on performance double quick, or else.  Oh, I forgot, there was no 'or else', because the CHC has no more powers over the Ambulance Trust than they have over the  Universally Inept Health Board ( Cardiff & Vale, that is ).  Rumour has it that she did conclude her tirade by saying that she was "Going to hold her breath and stamp her feet until 'somebody' did something". Then, sticking her thumb between her lips and inflating her chubby cheeks, she stamped her way out of the studio.

Speaking as someone who has often been the beneficiary of the Ambulance service, I can honestly say that the staff are as caring and professional as you would find in any hospital A&E unit.  Apart from one miserable old git who almost refused to take a dear friend of mine to hospital, one night, ( she died 3 days later in ITU ) I have nothing but praise for the unsung heroes and heroines of the Ambulance Service, who have saved my life ( and that of countless others ) on countless occasions.  Consequently, I suggest that the 'Shirley Temple' of the CHC, takes her future tirades to the Welsh Government who pay her inflated salary, putting her job 'on the line' in the process.. Yeah, I know - that's about as likely to happen as a rabbit jumping into a gaping crocodile's mouth ! 
If the Welsh Government were sincere about eliminating waste and improving performance, they's get rid of the CHC and the UIHB, then give the money to the Ambulance Trust and A&E staff, who could a better job of running health services.

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