Saturday, 27 August 2011

'Amonymous' it may have been but at least it was truthful

Last week, I read a letter in the Echo from an anonymous writer and - for the life of me - couldn't understand the need for anonyminity, unless it was written by a Health Board Member, the Minister herself, or a member of staff.  However, the letter was great - all about the terrible parking conditions at Llandough that everyboby who works there or visits there has to put up with seven days a week, and then some !  However, the response from the Planning Director, Paul Hollard, was typically pathetic in that it tried to avoid any responsibility ( on behalf of Cardiff & Vale Universally Inept Health Board ) for creating the situation, to say nothing at all about correcting it.  As with the Health Service they are supposed to provide - where they are 'making the patients fit the service' - Mr Hollard ( I really can't keep referring to him as the Planning Director, as it's a title akin to putting a Maple Syrup label on a bottle of acetic acid ( That's vinegar, listen I studied chemistry, so why shouldn't I use my knowledge ? ), seems to think that blocking up every route leading to the one-and-only-exit in, and out, of the overcrowded site is something that anyone else should sort out.  Perhaps the poor guy is a fan of Dr Who, and imagines that the hospital is small on the outside, but huge on the inside, like the Tardis.  Suffice to say that, in my unhumble opinion, the guy knows as much about Planning as I do about the workings of a mobile telephone or, maybe an XBox 360.  After writing a pithy response ( see Episode 2 - 'The 'Doctor' resorts to an acetylsalicylic tablet ( that's aspirin - See, my schooldays weren't completely wasted on Woodbines, Westerns, and wild, wild women ! ), to make the headache - if not the long-suffering patients, relatives and staff - go away.  Of course, the 'Great Time Lord' has a Master Plan for displacing the only car park with a Mental Health Inpatient Unit, plus Shopping Mall and a bowling alley, plus Imax Cinema - so, Ya-boo and sucks to you !  The only problem is that he forgot to tell anyone else how to fit 1000+ beds, staff, operating theatres, Rookwood Hospital, the useless 'Assessment Unit', the wholly inadequate Elderley Mentally Infirm Unit, New Outpatients clinics plus ( of course ) a Mental Health Hospital ( excuse me ) into his tiny 4 x 4 'Tardis'.  Did I forget to mention the 18 hole golf course ?............oh my - where did I leave my calming mints ?
Anyway, thank you Mr or Mrs anonymous - keep those letters pouring in, now !       RW

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