Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What Bed Sharing ? What Ultimtatum ? The TRUTH is right here !

Breaking News - Your tireless, fearless, intrepid and dedicated reporter, 'Scorpion', can now reveal the truth behind this story that was given to the innocent, unsuspecting, trusting, Health Correspondent, Madeleine Brindley ( sigh ) of the Welsh branch of the Daily Mail, The South Wales Echo.  The story was a clever RUSE aimed at dismissing the fact that the Community Health Council is nothing more than a whimpering lap-dog of the Cardiff & Vale University Health Board.
The TRUTH is that this bed-sharing, and moving of patients in the middle of the night to destinations UK-wide, has been going on for YEARS !  And - yes - the 'ultimatum' from the puppy-in-chief of the CHC was as honest as a Mujahadin declaration of peace to the Iraelis, the USA and the UK !
My source ? ( you ask ) -  a highly placed, yet disgruntled whistleblower-to-be from the corridors of doom that connect the many empty wards, within the Victorian, red-brick building known as Whitchurch Hospital.

N.B. Rumours that Media Wales is about to become a part of the Murdoch Hacking and Bribing Empire are, as yet, unfounded.  Watch this Blog !  Scorpion ( The 'tale' has the sting of truth ).

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