Monday, 11 July 2011

Gofal Thinks Differently

Could it be 'Time to Change'  anti stigma campaign - in Wales as it has been in England - the Gofal service user newsletter asks in June issue .Certainly let us hope so.
Gofal is also set to launch it's 'Wellbeing Model'  among it's priorities over the next twelve months to be fully implemented by April 2012. Their aim is to "improve mental health policy, practice and legislation as well as to increase public understanding of mental health and wellbeing." Gofal states that WAG has committed money towards this project.Let us hope some positive changes are afoot as it high time they were in Wales.
'The Whitchurch Project'  set up by Literature Wales in 2007 continues to gather opinions of the various users of Whitchurch Hospital over the years of it's establishment that hopefully will also reach a conclusion by 2012 in a published format.
Let us all gather together and think differently about the kind of mental health services we are offering as a community in the twenty first century.
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  1. It looks like the so called ultimatum by CHC to Whitchurch Hospital is something of a white wash with Julie Morgan AM for Cardiff North reporting back to me after some pressure on my part that the Community Council is assured the problem has been addressed and "improvements" have now taken place.But who can verify this ? Is it a fact or conjecture?
    Who will check that significant improvements have been made? If so - what are they? It is essential to have feed back from those unfortunate enough to have to use this 19th century facility in the 21st century wouldn't it?

  2. It should be perfectly clear to everyone concerned about this dreadful problem that no authoritive body in Wales gives a damn about the present conditions at Whitchurch or the fact that these are likely to be the same for the next four years. It should also be clear to all that the Community Health Council's ultimatum was utterly pointless and worthless. Why are we wasting public money, perpetuating the myth that the CHCs serve any use at all in 'monitoring' health facilities and services ? We got rid of the Home Guard, decades ago so why are why keeping these useless old fogies ?