Friday, 22 July 2011

Savaged by a Dead Sheep ( The Community Health Council )

If there is anything more laughable than the reply that our new AM  received from the Community Council, I want to read it....puleeeeesse.  Readers may recall that the toothless wimps at the Community Health Council issued an 'Ultimatum' to our University Health Board about acutely ill patients having to share beds at Whitchurch Hospital and other unamed sites.  This shocking state of affairs was brought to our attention by the South Wales Echo, which devoted several pages to these barbaric ( and totally inexcusable ) practices at Whitchurch, and quoted the CHC's 1 month ultimatum.  More than a month has passed without any follow-up article as to what had been done to rectify this cruel system, so a letter was fired off to Julie Morgan AM, who  (apparently) had a meeting with the CHC, which resulted in a written response, assuring her that they had 'received assurances that the 'problem' had been rectified' ( yeah, right ). Typically and characteristically, these dotty old, uncaring bunch of fuddy-duddies failed to provide one scrap of evidence as to what had actually been done over the missing month by themselves or their professionally incompetent pupeteers.  This fact appears to have escaped the attention of Mrs Morgan, who used to profess an interest in the goings-on in the dilapidated wards of Whitchurch hospital.  However, we appear to be left with the critically accurate letter from Cllr Rita Austin, entitled 'In Mental Health it has always been a case of Jam Tomorrow......' ( Echo 9th July ).  Now we are informed, yesterday, by the Echo, that "£272m Cash Crisis Could Cripple NHS", with Cardiff & Vale University Health Board expected to save £87.8m this year alone.  This leaves me wondering, which is more laughable -

a) That the CHCs are as useless as udders on a bull, or   

b) That the figures quoted for these murderous cuts are - in any way - truthfull, let alone necessary !

After all, dear readers, the CHC and the UHB are already proven liars, in their deceiptful handling of the recent 'consultations' - a fact which even our First Minister seems to see as inignificant.
Pitifull, isn't it, that no public body ( eg The Audit Office ) has ever bothered to establish the truth, and that the patients and public are made to suffer such unjustifiable, unsubstantiated losses of huge sums of OUR money ? Anon.

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