Monday, 4 July 2011

Goodbye, Farewell, I'm Leaving now.......

Problems of a blog that has two contributors are raising their ugly heads.  I am being warned that I may be sued for the facts I have written and that - somehow - my fellow blogger will be damaged by any action against me.  If only that were the case - I've been trying to get Bro Taf Health Authority, Cardiff & Vale Trust, Cardiff Health Board. The Vale Health Board, The Community Health Councils ( no, that's not a joke, really ), NHS Wales and our Welsh Assembly Government ( now cleverly transformed into The Welsh Government ), The Information Commissioner, Health Inspectorate Wales, The Auditor General, Jeremy Coleman,  Cardiff County Council, The Vale County Council........AND their crooked solicitors, Morgan Cole, who 'act' on behalf of all of the above ( whatever happened to the Monopolies Commission ?), to sue me for ten years - without success.  They can't sue me for one reason, and one good reason only.  If they did, they would have to produce self-incriminating evidence in court which could make the entire 'Pack of ( marked ) Cards' down in one swell foop, as Dr Spooner would say.

Suffice to say that, I stand by everything I have spoken and have written - so help me God - so, what have I to be afraid of ?  Any, or all of the above self-serving piggeries ?  You would have to be joking.

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing these facts with you.  Perhaps I will appear soon in an even more cunning disguise - ME !   Robin Williams - Patient Advocate.  Have a great day.

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