Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Bit of Blood-letting at the C&VUHB- at last !

Just a quick update, following the pre-meditated blocking of our Blog from all NHS staff.  Also, I and my colleagues were deliberately not invited to the June Board Meeting, where the Community Health Council's Steve Allen, apparently gave Board Members a mock ultimatum on the disgraceful bed-sharing at Whitchurch Hospital.  The thought of Steve Allen acting out this farcical pantomime reminded me of a certain MP who compared such an act as 'being savaged by a dead sheep', which I feel is most appropriate to the misguided notion that the CHC (and its' Manager ) have any influenece or powers at all.   Most amusing, I'm sure you will agree.  However there was a notable absentee at this meeting.  The duplicitous, deceitful harridan, Katie Norton has, apparently, been made the scapegoat for the pantomime that was the recent consultations on the new proposals for mental health.  Personally speaking, I am overjoyed at this news but, at the same time, extremely disappointed that she was the only victim of our 'Divine Retribution'.  Why didn't the new Minister weild the axe with more enthusiasm and clear out all the villains on the Board ?  Paul Stollard's bumbling incompetence - as displayed in his laughable 'Outline Business Case', entitled 'The Development of an Acute Mental Health Inpatient Unit' - must have demanded his immediate dismissal, by anyone's standards ?  Of course, we musn't forget that this 'Plan' ( and the previous Sham consultations ) had the support of the Chair and the Chief Executive of the UHB, which automatically makes them 'accessories before and after the fact' in this criminal misrepresentation of the allocation of public funds - OUR MONEY, people, never forget this fact.  So, when will the new minister rid us of these incompetent charlatans and give us, and the 'mute' members of the Board, some effective, cost-effective, and productive leadership of our Health Board.  Clear them all out now, Minister, and revisit the daft and unworkable plans for mental health services before more patients die on the altar to the false deity of the NHS.  While you're at it Minister - if you really want to save money - get rid of the CHCs in Wales, once and for all.  They are as useless as udders on a bull.

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