Monday, 27 June 2011

And Now, For Something Completely Different !

Today, I have been suffering an awful bout of depression, so deep as to render me over-tired, unable to sleep, and angry.  Nobody knows the feeling of complete uselessness and failure, that fills the dark cloud that forms the Vortex, dragging sufferers down to previously unplumbed depths.  I am chronically ill and having to face the prospect of palliative rather than corrective treatment.  Still, I am re-energised by the need to fight the needless and mercenary injustices perpetrated on the mentally ill by an uncaring Welsh Government and a cost-cutting Health Board that chooses the most vulnerable, defenceless patients to savage, as their first victims of the initial onslaught on costs.  What shameless, uncaring, cowards they are - without even a shred of remourse over the suffering they inflict.  I WILL defeat them, but first I must pause and tear myself out of the vortex that is utter, remorseless, mental despair.  Thankfully, we have strength in numbers, for there are TWO of us, equally committed to the cause regardless of the consequenses to ourselves. Go get 'em Gill !

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