Friday, 3 June 2011

The Tail Wags the Dog (?)

Just a brief note on the Cardiff and Vale Mental Health Development Project. I have written to them at my instigation, requesting their remit, names of Trustees and asking 'When did you ever think that you had the authority to order service users about what they can say or write.'  Just to clarify the position, if anyone at the Project disagrees with us, then ( please ) write back, or sue us properly through the courts for Slander and/or Libel.  Meanwhile, I suggest that you address the main issue confronting the patients at Whitchurch hospital, which is , “What provisions are being made ( by the Health Board ) to improve inpatient accommodation and services, during the 4/5 years that it will take to complete the new unit at Llandough ?”    I have represented the Project on every committee, that has been instructed to have a 'token' service user with them.  If I had been a black homosexual ( preferrably Muslim and female ), I might have had some chance of being heard, but being a white, elderly male, Christian, hetrosexual, I am the 'new ethnic minority', with mental illness condemning me to be the lowest life form - even lower than whale excrement.

The 'Project' has ( at best ) a dismal performance history, managing ( over it's 13 year existence ) to get a patient database of only 150 or so, of the 6700+ service users to take any interest in anything they do, which is a pathetic condemnation of their use of 13 years of being funded with public money. Regarding anything I write, I won't be censored by the system that has so consistently failed to support the users of mental health services.  All of us deserve to be treated with the same respect as so-called 'normal people'.   So please be quiet, go back to sleep in case you wake another Hydra head ! ........  Robin

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