Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Culture of Fear in NHS Wales

Recently I  reported that access to our blog had been blocked.  It is a fact that, up until two weeks ago, staff employed in Mental Health Services and Social Services could access our blog, freely and with much pleasure.  Both Gillian and I were complimented by many NHS employees for 'saying what had to be said' on behalf of staff and service users alike who are dissatisfied with current plans for Mental Health Services in Cardiff and the Vale.  Over 1055 have read our site with increased interest - until 'Big Brother' or 'Big Sister' ordered that access to our site - specifically ) be denied to all NHS employees.  I have visited three sites within the past two weeks and found this to be a fact, with sympathetic testimony from many staff.  I asked Madeleine Brindley of Media Wales "What have they got to be afraid of ?".  Her reply ( below ) came yesterday, and reads, verbatim ;


I made a few calls this morning about why your blog has been blocked, this is what Cardiff and Vale UHB told me:

 A spokesman for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board said: "The Health Board , in accordance with national policy, has strict IT protocols in place to protect its systems from potential external threats.
 "As part of this access to all social media and blogging sites is restricted. There is no ban on individual sites or blogs."
 Let me know if I can do anything else

My reply denounced this statement as a blatant lie, proving that the culture of fear exists, throughout the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and, now, all Mental Health and Social Services staff  who feel ( by implication ) that they are not allowed to even read or listen to criticisms from genuine service users, who they are employed to help.  The statement proves that they admit to blocking the blog, but is it possible that they can restrict access to all 'social media and blogging sites' ?  My highly qualified friends, who are 'computer geeks', tell me that it is impossible to have access to our blog two weeks ago and then have it terminated.  The statement also proves that the Health Board is afraid of us becauses we have spoken the truth, with every word we have written.  They also know that we can prove every incriminating action that they , the Community Health Council, and all other paid sycophants, have taken from the recent sham consultations , and as far back as the crooked disposal of Sully Hospital.  The Auditor General Knows this and so does our First Minister Carwyn Jones.  Let me tell you all one thing - WE WILL NOT BE SILENCED, until this culture of fear is removed, and all staff, stakeholders, and service users are allowed to have their views expressed ( and taken seriously ), in what is clearly NOT a Wales Democracy.
Please get in touch for further details and information and these blatant, bullying injustices by our incompetent Health Board.   And. if you don't believe, just read any of the documents - Board minutes, proposals, Outline Business Case etc , and you will see that they are a deliberate misrepresentation of the truth - liars all !

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