Wednesday, 4 January 2012

No Waiting at Aneurin Bevan Health Board - Good News, at last

Hope for the Newport area, at least.

At last, someone is tackling the long waiting times for appointments to see your G.P. – as long as you live in the Newport and surrounding area . Still it’s a wonderful beginning, and I wish them every success with their  5 ‘A’s system for success.  With surgery appointments starting at 8.00am, with the last appointment at 5.50pm – with a duty doctor available throughout the day – it’s hard to imagine any long waits for patients. Never mind listing all five ‘A’s ( I forgot them immediately after the news item – ruddy typical ! ) this system of grading G.P. surgeries seems a positive change that finally puts the patient at the forefront of healthcare.  Congratulations to this Trust, and good luck with similar initiatives in the future.

I  can only hope that this scheme is replicated by the University Health Board for benefit of patients in the Cardiff & Vale catchment area.  This would indeed make a much needed Good News story to give hope that all Trusts will put patient care as the no.1 priority for 2012.  R.W.

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  1. My GP surgery in Barry has been 'call on the day' for quite a while now (possibly years?)

    It sounds like a good idea but really you hit redial from 8am until about 8.30am when you finally get through to be asked 'is it really necessary for today?' - would I be calling if it wasn't?

    The receptionists ask you, in great detail, what exactly is wrong - in case you don't actually need a Dr at all ad in fact she can advise you with her complete lack of medical knowledge!

    Countless times I have felt like I am having to gear myself up to fight with them just to see my Dr. Not the ideal situation for a Mental Health patient.