Saturday, 7 January 2012

"Don't Sell the Sausage - sell the 'Sissle'"

Welcome to Healthscape Cardiff and Vale, Mr David Sisslin, new Chief Executive of NHS Wales, and welcome replacement to the departing Paul Williams - self-titled Director General NHS etc etc. and absolute pillock who was incapable of original thought.  Mr Sissling sends out a further 'alarm' that 'NHS Workers to Face Axe' So - having placed every employee of the NHS and Social Services on 'Notice', he trots out the figures that we spent £50m on agency nurses and locums last year.  Then, he goes on with the mantra 'We need to eliminate inefficiencies and waste, ensure we have good procurement, and make sure that we manage the workforce efficiently - we need to try and reduce or eliminate spending on agency and locum staff'.  Wonderful ! - why didn't anyone think of these before ??? did ? - these topics have been discussed for years, you say ? Oh deary, deary me.......

Mr Sissling  should be aware of historical fact.  The nurses left to join ( and form ) agencies, because they were refused the pay increases that they felt they deserved, eons ago, and doctors have been leaving us in droves for over a decade because they can find more lucrative and more satisfying jobs in England.  If I may be so bold as to say, Mr Sissling, Wales produces the best doctors and nurses anywhere but, what is the point in such good and successful training if we can't keep them gainfully employed in Wales ? Also, the result of failing to meet fair pay grades means that we have ( for years now ) been forced to pay these fairer pay grades, PLUS the high profits the agencies made on top.
On reflection, it doesn't look to good, does it Mr S ? So, in my opinion, the issue you first have to admit and address is the issue of Appalling Management that has been allowed to continue, ever since the old health authorities lost us millions through blatantly obvious incopmetence.  Which leads me to ask you, Sir - "Why have all of these incompetent old lags, with their outdated ( or non-existent ) ideas, been kept on to continue their malpractices of 'Poor Governance', as we now like to call bad management with ( to quote Mrs Hart AM OBE O St.John ) 'No need for any redundancies'.

If only they'd keep their mouths shut - eh ?  Especially the new girl, Leslie Griffiths, decalaring rather stupidly that "The CommunityCouncils ARE the voice of the people" when, in reality, they are incompetent in every sense of the word.  They've made a complete cock-up of every 'consultation' they have involved in and have - invariably - betrayed the opinions of the people by helping the Universally Inept Health Board force through its' uncosted and poorly thought out Plans.  Oh but Leslie wants to close the recently elected ( and broadcast - TV Radio, Press ) People's Forum that genuinely did reflect the views of the Patients and Public, as intended by Section 11 of the Health and Social Care Act ( Public and Patient Involvement ).

Therefore Mr 'S', you a bit more on your plate than you think, so you better roll your sleeves up, or are you going to 'follow suit' and just take your huge salary and let the incompetents 'get on with it' ???  R.W.

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