Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Get it Off Your Chest !

Breaking News - More Costly Boobs by NHS Wales and the Welsh Government

I'll say I ruddy well will 'get it off my chest'.  Nothing has made me more mad this week than listening to our Dear Health Minister announce that the NHS Wales is to pay £150m+, just to preserve women's vanity.  Even after David Sissling's two pages of promises that said a lot but meant absolutely nothing, what madness is it that has infected our Welsh Government to hear them confirm that the faulty boob implants will be removed and replaced at our ruddy expense ?  Who asked the public ? Who made this stupid decision ? and what absolute tripe they trotted out that said " We're leading England on this.......".  Did they all drink too much over the holidays that their brains have become completely sozzled, beyond the power to reason ? Do they really think that the English NHS will do the same ? "Not bloomin' likely matey, the Taffy's may be mad enough but we're certainly not".

If the vain women went to private clinics and received these faulty boob-lifters, why don't they go back to these crooks and get them to do the job - for nothing ?  Do women seriously think that this mistake is OUR problem ?***  Of course it isn't, and to expect us to pay to preserve their inflated vanity is stone-raving-bonkers ! Didn't any of you out there in cloud cuckoo land hear the broadcast ?  £150 Million quid, that won't be available for essential surgery for those genuinely needy health patients - One hundred and fifty bleedin' million quid - that's  £150,000,000, you apathetic berks.  And think of the operating theatre time, the staff and all the other costs that will be added -  just so that women can parade themselves along streets like tarts, pushing their tits in everyon's faces, then snearing at you for looking ???  This is absotively ridiculous and the people who made this decision should be fired immediately.

Can you imagine if 100 men had faulty penile extensions, what the response would be to a request from the femi-nazi regime in Cardiff Bay would be ???? Not one ruddy quid would they spend, they'd say "It's your fault, you made the stupid decion, and you paid a cosmetic surgeon to have it done - so piddle off and sort yourselves out !"  But, because it's women - as with the millions wasted on Herceptin, on a 'maybe' it'll do a few women good - open up the vaults and let them have what they want.  What's next - botched nose-jobs, messed up facials, or cellulose removal on the NHS ? Why, even the contemptuous dissmissive letter from Joanna Jordan, Director of Health, didn't cheer me up.

Where the blazes is that Glass Ceiling installer I requested ???   R. W.

*** N.B. Women who had surgery, for breast cancer, involving implants used for reconstructuring SHOULD receive relacement surgery on the NHS free of charge.

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  1. I agree that the whole issue of the cosmetic surgery industry needs urgent consideration....and it would help if we had less peddling of idealised images of impossibly thin and blemish free airbrushed people in the glossy magazines that abound....harmful as these are to the self image of individuals. However, would it not be sensible for the situation to be put right via the NHS...avoiding any complications from these substandard devices which have been implanted and which the recipients are themselves a victim of....and for the government to challenge and seek financial redress from the companies that developed, and those that subsequently inserted them?