Tuesday, 3 January 2012

'The Citizens Commission for Human Rights' - A Wolf in Wolf's clothing

Post No. 60 :

Happy New Year, once again - I hope that all of you have a healthier year, and that the Minister, L.G., finally makes Mental Health ( and all other health services still in existence, albeit smaller and supposedly 'Fit for Purpose'. ) more accessible to those in need.  My reference in the title is to an organisation that has declared war on the accepted treatment of the mentally ill.  I refer of course, to that collection of rabidly insane evangelists from outer space known as The Church of Scientology, trying to disguise itself as a 'Citizens Commission etc ' in order to dupe the less well-informed amongst us.  Although we can all laugh at Tom Cruise, Kirsty Alley, and John Travolta's ravings on television interviews, this so-called Church poses a very real threat to the accepted, modern day treatment of the mentally ill.  You have only to see the documentary, showing how they indoctrinate easily led people by asking them to place their hands on a metal egg-shaped object that helps the 'tutor' to read your thoughts ( stop that laughing - it's all true I tell you ) to see how 'off the wall' these purveyors of reconstituted Science Fiction garbage really are.  Ron Hubble-bubble ( the church's creator ) must be standing knee-deep in green cheese, laughing his frock off at what he started as the biggest April Fool joke ever.  That's as kindly as I can be towards this bunch of mal-adjusted, misfits, who believe that they are part of the 'new deity'.  Doo-lally-tap - the lot of 'em, I say, so be careful not to be taken in by their doctrine of lies that do more than just stigmatise the mentally ill.     R. W.

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