Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Minister Refuses Review - again !

 NHS Review call rejected by Minister - 27.11.2013

I find it hard to believe that such a silly, deaf and arrogant man, as Professor Mark Drakeford, is still able to hold down his job as Minister for Health.

He rejects the deafening calls for a review into all the accusations of 'Dangerous Hospital', The Royal College of Surgeons Report that (amongst other bad news ) reported that 152 avoidable deaths of Cardiac Patients on the surgical waiting list.  In addition, Senior Doctors, the Head of Junior Doctors, Health Inspectorate Wales, the Royal College of Nursing, the British Medical Association, and countless other health experts from as far away as Wellington New Zealand, have condemned the University Hospital of Wales as being so dangerous, they would not like their relatives treated there.

Wales NHS and our incompetent government have allowed the closure of more essential health services than are left standing, since the assembly was formed.

Everyone ( and his dog ) knows that the reason is to cut costs, and NOT Salami as one stupid UHB board member claimed.  Even after years of public outcry and representations in all forms, the Minister is allowed to 'Carry on Regardless' like the other mindless characters in 'Carry On' films.

It is reasonable to suggest that the unworkable dog's breakfast that NHS Wales has been allowed to become, is more than a match for the deaths and misconduct at Mid-Staffordshire hospital.  The only difference is that the NHS in Wales is Devolved, so our incompetent government can do as they like, without batting an eyelid over the deaths they have caused and will cause in future.  With a majority in the Bandstand, they ignore public and professional opinion with impunity, choosing to preserve the myth that everything is under control.

I sincerely can't wait for the day when NHS Wales is charged with Corporate Manslaughter, and the silly MInister is made to serve a lengthy term in jail !      R. W.

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