Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Another child is failed by inadequate Mental Health Services

Moving Tribute to 'My Boy Derek'

The fact that suicide rates are increasing is lamentable, and ( in my opinion ) totally due to the vastly reduced mental health services - the Cinderella Service. - but the suicide of a 1..4 year old boy is beyond a tragedy.  Derek Brundrett was found in the grounds of his school in Pembrokeshire.

His distraught father could only write, "To my boy Derek,  Sorry for for being there for you. Should have tried harder, you will always be in my thoughts every minute of every day as you have been since you were born."

He also appeared to blame bullying for Derek's death, writing in a separate message, "Bullies, I am coming for you.  Now my life is not worth living.

The headteacher trotted out the usual banal ..platitude, "He was a likeable and popular student with a group of close friends."

How many deaths of children and adolescents do we have to suffer before anything is done  by our pathetic government to help them ?  If we can't protect our children............ ?      R.  W.

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