Monday, 9 December 2013

Ambulance Times Contradiction.

Drakeford's Foot in Mouth attack

2weeks ago, our dear old Minister of health reported how pleased he was that 98% of ambulance times were being met at the 65% target.

Now - TODAY - we get the F.o.I figures on ambulance times, throughout the UK, showing that Wales has the WORST times of all.  Once again. there appears a huge chasm between the Minister's version of events and the TRUTH.

Perhaps the old boy is misinformed and can't be bothered to check the information he is given, OR, he is a consummate LIAR.

My conclusion that he has shot himself in the foot, again, and - as Churchill said - "Made a "slight terminological inaccuracy". ( Hoots of derisive laughter ! ).    R.  W.

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