Thursday, 5 September 2013


Persistent Criticisms get the same predictable excuses and false promises, so nothing changes

Here we are, another glorious summer over and already we've heard bleating from the Mandarins that
"Exceptional pressures on services - as a result of autumn viruses, hard winter conditions, a shortage of doctors and nurses, patients in A and E who should see GPs, bed blocking by the elderly ( a.k.a Delayed transfers of care ) and the chronically ill needing beds, failure of everybody to meet targets, bird flu, swine flu, ordinary seasonal respiratory complaints ( ordinary flu ), 'unseasonal' complaints never specified, poor ambulance service, slow discharges, the badger cull ( ? ), and, of course the perennial favourite- increasing numbers of unhealthy lifestyles - are a direct cause of delays and poor services.

Usually, Dr Graham Shortland, Paul Hollard and/or A female spokesperson, are immediately put before a microphone ( as soon as the presses start rolling ) to repeat these excuses and to assure us that "procedures have been put in place to ensure improvements to services." (yeah right ).

To start a review of some of the serious complaints, I better begin with Councillor Richard Bertin (VoGCC ) who picks up on the latest fact that 1200 patients waited more that a day to be treated by A and E in S Wales. He asks "When is the Welsh Government going to get to grips with the health crisis in our area ? ) He accuses the Welsh Government with "being in denial" [ A good one that, but if you've caused the crises with persistent and successive Ill-thought-out changes and incompetent management, do you really think the Government are going to admit their mistakes at this late stage ? ] Especially after such headlines as "NHS Caused More Deaths than Shipman", "Outcry as 54,000 hospital ops are cancelled"," UHW care scandal can be put down to the lack of Leadership" "Report by Royal College of Surgeons declares UHW 'Dangerous", "BMA  says Wales is hurtling into 'A HealthTsunami", staff saying publicly "We wouldn't want the NHS to treat us", the Auditor General saying ( stupidly )"the NHS is 'simply unaffordable'", "Neonatal services at risk in Wales". "152 deaths of patients on Cardiac surgery waiting list 'avoidable", and, lastly, "Minister pledges there will be no inquiry following the report by The Royal College of Surgeons......." which can only be viewed as a cover-up attempt to prevent anyone finding specific incompetent culprits ( eg. the Minister, NHS Director, CEO C and V UHB ) and punishing them with instant dismissal for their appalling management of our health service, and there waste of millions of pounds of public money.

I'm sorry to labour the point, but I have at least another 100 of such damning headlines that have probably been recorded in earlier posts. And in spite of these, the Universally Inept Health Board and the even more incompetent government do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to alter their destructive rationalisations and centralisations programmes that have brought us, and the health service, to our knees.
 Wake up Wales - your apathy is making things worse !      R.W.

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