Tuesday, 17 September 2013

NHS Wales in 'Dead Cat Bounce' Mode

Yet another contrived survey reveals that we are a nation in 'poor health'

NHS Wales has committed itself to leaving half the population without access to basic healthcare. Without doubt, the chronically ill, the elderly, the mentally ill and the Elderly Mentally Infirm will meet a premature and avoidable death because of the drastic cuts made to their health services.  In making these drastic cuts, the Welsh Government has shown little or no regard to the consequences of their unjustified, parsimonious actions on the vulnerable citizens it is supposed to serve.

In spite of all the damning reports on their 'dangerous' services ( especially the recent report by the Royal College of Surgeons that showed that 152 cardiac deaths over the past two years were avoidable ), our government remains oblivious to our growing health needs as it refuses to have any public inquiry into these and many other fatalities.

Even the horrifying, factual report to Ann Clwd MP that was sent by Professor Ninian Peckitt - who trained at UHW but is now resident at Massey University, New Zealand - that was entitled, "NHS Wales kills more people than Shipman", received no reaction from our incompetent leaders except "There will be no inquiry into these reports."
So, are our Ministers and NHS Mandarins sufficiently qualified to ignore these damning reports ?  Answer - NO but, apparently The Royal College of Surgeons' detailed report carries no weight at all with officials who are hell bent on suicide - of themselves as well as ensuring the euthanasia of half the population of Wales.

Why do I state 'contrived', survey ? because their is absolutely no evidence provided as to how many people were surveyed before arriving at the percentages of citizens that shows specific examples of poor healthcare.  Where is the published report, even ?  What is so secret, apart from the fact that they certainly did not survey the entire population, or even half of us ? If the conclusion is that the problems of the NHS are caused by us not taking responsibility for our own health, why are they effectively cutting the patients to fit their idea of what we need, instead of providing a fully funded service to meet the growing needs of our rapidly expanding population ?

Anyone can pluck figures out of the air. For example 95% of government Ministers are incompetent, and 98% of NHS staff are afraid of losing their jobs if they say how bad the health service really is.  Somehow, I think that my figures will be closer to being factual than those claimed in the Health Wales survey !      R.   W.

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