Saturday, 28 September 2013

It's a HEALTH service, not an 'Illness Service'

Public Health problems the big priority

So, all the overspending, cuts, cancelled operations, congested bed availability, avoidable waiting list deaths - are not a priority - it's public health !  That means it's all our fault, again !

And Lo, the NHS is not the Illness Service any more, it's the National Health Service !
Terrific - what the blazes does that mean ?  Is it that we only use the 'Health Service' when we're healthy ?  What are we supposed to do when we're ill ?

Apparently, it's an Image thing, as well as being a warning that we're not supposed to get ill, fat, diabetic, coronary heart disease, heart attack, and - generally - waste hospital time by asking them for help - especially inpatient care !

Of course, this is just some publicity report issued by some tame committee ( previously unheard of ) that is supposed to be the last in a long stream of 'expert advisors'.  According to Dr Patricia Riordan, Director of many things, "Today marks the beginning of an attempt to change the whole culture of health in Wales, refocusing our approach to health improvement so that we target those in most need in our society". ( Who are they - the sick, and elderly infirm, and those in need of operations that will probably be cancelled ? ).  And - What ruddy culture are you talking about, for heaven's sake? To most people 'culture' comes in a tub of yogurt (eeaauucht !), or some unaffordable show at the golden snail in the bay.

I recall commenting on a previous article - 'NHS changes must be monitored so patients are the one to benefit'.  Patients ? - in Public Health ?  How can we be patients ( and benefit ) unless we become ill and need the National Illness Service, as before ?

Mixed messages and tons of BS is all we get from NHS Wales.

When is someone in authority going to say "WE GOT IT WRONG" and go back to their allotments or knitting circles where they know something useful.     R.  W.

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